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The Mercedes-AMG GT family has been updated and the new GT R Pro added

Mercedes-Benz has revealed its refreshed Mercedes-AMG GT family at the Auto Show in Los Angeles in 2018, and added a new version of the GT R Pro version in a limited release.

We start with the new Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro, which has the same 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 as the GT R, unloading the same maximum outputs of 430 kW and 700 Nm (and hitting 100 km / h from standstill in 3.6 seconds before finishing at 318 km / h).

However, while the power is unchanged, the GT R Pro gets a new suspension, aerodynamic fine tuning (which results in increased power), light seats and light-weight wheels.

The new coil allows for more choices to adjust the setting, and the driver can mechanically adjust the overload length and adjust the compression and shock absorbing. In the meantime, the front axle is equipped with an adjustable torsion bar of carbon fiber.

Other measures include adding a panel panel with carbon fibers in the lower part of the rear end and re-establishing an electronically controlled dynamic engine and gearbox for transmission. The "track" package, meanwhile, adds a rollover protection system, closed four-point safety belts and a fire extinguisher.

The AMG GT R Pro is standard equipped with a high-performance ceramic braking system and twin-spoke wrought-iron wheels. The redesigned front front puts two flicks on the sides (made of coated carbon fiber), while the Mercedes-AMG says the front wing frames fall out of the arches and contribute to the reduction of the lifting axle.

On the rear, the carbon fiber element on the periphery of the sides on both sides has grown almost to the level of the rear axle, while the rear wing is fitted with a reinforcement coupling to increase the downward power.

So, what is the other range? Well, in addition to various external upgrades, the two-year AMG GT coupes and roadsters will be equipped with an integrated driving dynamics control system for Affalterbach, a new steering wheel, a central console from the AMG GT 4-door coupe and a fully digital display.

These external tweaks include new bright clusters (front and rear), redesigned rear front and refresh exhaust hood covers, along with a selection of new designer tools.

A fresh parking package will be available as well as the "brilliant blue magnets" for the first time presented with the AMG GT 4-door coupe and double leather upholstery.

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