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The passenger of the American plane Vincent Peone arrives all over the Delta flight, he saw the whole experience

When was the last time you boarded a flight and discovered that you had the whole row to yourself? How about having the whole plane to yourself? Principal Vincent Peone also found himself in that position as he flew Delta Air Lines from Aspen, Colorado to Salt Lake City last week on his way to the John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Of course, the New York director, who told the Washington Post that his solo flight was most likely the result of reprogramming, documented this rare experience and shared it in a video posted on social media Monday.

"It seems like a phenomenal experience!", The airline said in a tweet to Peone. "Thank you for the shout, and we truly appreciate you for choosing Delta!"

Here are four things that stood out about Peone's solo flight:

1. No co-driver, just sandbags

The planes commonly used for this route carry about 70 people, according to SeatGuru. With only cabin crew and Peone on board, the plane was seriously heavy. Cue sandbags.

Trolleys pulled on the plane, and land crew workers loaded enough weight for the plane to take off.

2. Personalized boarding and security announcements

"I arrived at the airport, which is a very small airport, and on the table were: & # 39; I don't know if we should publish at all because it's just you," Peone told the Washington Post. “I was like,‘ Oh no. Get going. "Obviously everyone really enjoyed playing."

In Peone's video, the door agent making the boarding announcement addresses him by name as well as the flight attendant during his security announcement.

3. You need to get to know the pilots

The video shows one of the pilots joking about Peone having "his private jet."

4. A window or hallway of your choice

Peone confirmed that they had told him he could sit anywhere he wanted.

"I was tempted to try to set the record for sitting in each seat, two minutes on a flight, so I could actually sit everywhere," he snapped. "But I didn't feel so ambitious." —


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