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They explained: Why does PSG wear their own set against Liverpool?

Ligue 1 have chosen to appear in a white game in the Great Ligue Champion in Parc des Princes

When Paris Saint-Germain takes the field against Liverpool to Parc des Princes on Wednesday, they will wear their own white set for change.

The party of Jürgen Kloppa, meanwhile, runs in its traditional red, crossing the usual roles of home and visiting teams.

PSG has these two seasons two dedicated European packs, both made with the brand Air Jordan, although they are not even considered a "home" or "remote" set.

During an encounter with Red on Anfield, they wore a black fourth set, although it did not bring them any fortune because they fought against the Premier League and could have several complaints because they dropped from 3-2, despite the return level after turning 2-0.

However, on Wednesday, they chose to carry their white changes in the house, hoping to bring them a change in wealth.

There is no need to do so, and the black set does not offer a conflict with that of Liverpool. After choosing to wear what he called the "third" set, he forced his opponents in his tradition of red for a clear conflict.

This will be the first time a white set appeared, and PSG played exclusively black in the first four league games of the Champions League.

Why PSG wears Air Jordan?

This is the first season PSG teamed up with Air Jordan, it announced a contract in September to become the first professional football club to join the brand known for its presence in basketball.

However, the sets that carry in the Champions League are just for European matches.

When playing at home games, they will be seen in their usual dark blue, with red sound waves in the center. Their Ligue 1 changeover set, meanwhile, is usually white with a gold trim, is slightly different from the European version, which is silver and has a thin bar down the center of the chest.

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PSG could fall to eliminate from the Champions League if they lost against Liverpool on Wednesday, while pulling them out with the mountain to climb into the final match next month.

Having lost on reds at Anfield, they returned by earning five points with three games, although several victories against Napoli mean that they play in the last two rounds of matches.

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