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10 unknown attractions about the Apollo 11 mission to the Moon

The 20th of July marks the 50th anniversary of the historical trait, which was first left by a man on the moon.

After a four-day trip, the Apollo 11 Lunar Module landed on the Moon and NASA astronaut Neil Armstrong was the first man to enter our only natural satellite. Then, his partner Buzz Aldrin would.

This historic space mission has a curious and little-known story.

1 – Second date of landing per month

We all celebrated the date on July 20, 1969, but in reality, Neil Armstrong first entered the Moon on July 21, 1969 at 2:56 (universal), although he stayed on July 20th in all time zones of the world. USA

2. Far from possible explosion

Although there has never been a failure to take on a reliable Saturn V rocket, NASA's engineers were afraid of possible explosions at the time of the launch. For this reason, VIP viewers who attended Cabo Cañaveralu were 5.6 kilometers from the launch platform. This measure was not accidental. The technicians calculated the amount of fuel that could explode and the maximum distance to the fragments before the eventual explosion (4.8 kilometers).

3. The mysterious smell of the moon

On their return to Earth, the astronauts, who were already confident in the command module, pulled off the helmets and began to notice a strong stench in the space capsule. It was the moon's dust that they brought in boots and suits, which caused an intense and very unpleasant odor that reminded them of gunpowder. The scientists later analyzed the lunar dust and discovered that it does not have the same composition as barut. But they believe that some kind of chemical reaction was activated when it came into contact with moist air from the capsule and then it was dispersed.

4- Leave the door half open

Armstrong and Aldrin had explicit instructions not to close the door or door of Apollo 11. They had to leave her half-closed because they had no lunch outside.

5 It was not a small step for a man

The famous phrase Neil Armstrong uttered when he left the lunar module (Little step for man, a big step for mankind) was not that good, because instead of stepping it was actually a jump. Armstrong so smoothly lowered that the shock absorbers did not react, forcing him to jump 120 centimeters from the lunar module's ladder.

The space mission returned 22.5 kilograms of rock and lunar soil to Earth.

7- First Communion on the Moon

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin was a presbyter and asked permission from his church to dedicate communion when landed. Aldrin brought a small religious set consisting of hosts and little wine. He talked to them shortly after landing and said a few words.

8- A record of the world audience

About 600 million people followed the deployment of the Apollo 11 space mission only on television. The number was an absolute audience for 12 years. The brand was discontinued in 1981 to mark the wedding of Princess Diana of Wales with Prince Charles, who called 750 million people on television.

9. All the flags on the Moon are now white

Although we've seen it stuck, the Apollo 11 flag is no longer there. The astronomers placed him too close to the lunar module, which threw him to the ground when his engines lit up to leave the lunar surface. There are five more US flags left.

But those flags and anno have stars and streaks, as the American looks like. The passage of time, cold and radiation have already completely faded until they become white, as are the flags of surrender.

10. Things remained on the Moon

Among the effects left by the astronauts on the Moon, the American flag fell into the ground, another flag related to the Apollo I mission, the olive branch of gold, the disc with statements by President Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon, as well as messages from 73 other countries leaders and a list of the leaders of the US Congress, the members of the chamber board and NASA-related Senators. Finally, the board signed by President Nixon and the astronauts in which you can read:

"Here, some people from the planet Earth, first entered the Moon in July 1969. We came to peace in the name of all humanity."

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