Tuesday , August 3 2021

After three storms, the dollar will run at $ 37.02

After the third advance, the dollar is stable this Thursday $ 37.02 On an average, in banks and institutions of Buenos Aires domain.com.

Let's remind, yesterday, the dollar rate he achieved the highest results in two weeks, accompanied by the third progress, raising five cents to $ 37.02.

Thus, the dollar was disconnected from the Uniform and Free Exchange Market (MULC) fell to $ 35.90 per 15 cents due to a decline in the value of the currency, and in the middle of the day amounted to $ 36.30 for the actual purchase order in the round of investors focusing on new slips.

"Treasury traders can be traded on a dollar in US Dollar on Tuesday trading ($ 35,885), which led to the closure of the wheel. High prices and pricing were over $ 36 per barrel, according to ABC Mercado de Cambios.

They say that the dollar's dollar rate has changed to $, and the banks are selling their dollar for $ 36.

After the market is closed, The Treasury Department has announced that it has placed over $ 180 million in treasury bills with a total value of $ 1,350 million, which is annually at 4.75%.

Taking into account the demand level, the Ministry of Finance used a proportionate coefficient of 93.30% for a competitive tranche, and at a nominal price of $ 977.73 per 1000 US $ 1,350 million. US dollars.

Thus, in spite of the wholesale sales, it was sold The Central Bank has confirmed the Leliq Bid at eight-day auction for eight days. The given amount was on the average 63,3% (on Tuesday it was 65,04%) and 174,745 mln tenge with the maximum profitability 64,1%.

• Other markets

In the money market, the "call money" among banks was on average 58%.

To ROFEX $ 773 million 60% of which were agreed in November and December, with the final price of $ 37.02 and $ 38.48 respectively, 71.17% and 55.81% TNA

Moreover, in the cave of Buenos Aires in the informal market, the price of blue was estimated at 36 dollars. The "Distributed Report" rose to $ 70.36 yesterday evening.

On the other hand, the BCRA reserve fell to $ 52.831 million, down from $ 95 million on Wednesday.

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