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Drugs, alcohol, sex, prostitution and excesses: the complete statement of the witness of death Natacha Jaitt

When she died, in the early hours of the Saturday, an actress Natacha Jaitt, 41 years, t was followed by five other people in the hall Xanadú, in the villa La Ñata, in Tigre. Infobae The four men and women who were there agreed only with statements, from which it is clear that Jaitt died after taking cocaine several times, as well as LSD ("pepa") and excessive champagne.

Host Guillermo Gonzalo Rigoni (45), his friends businessman Gaspar Esteban Fonolla (45) and an electrician Gustavo Andrés "Voltio" Bartolín, producer and partner of Jaitta Raúl de Jesús Velaztiqui Duarte (47) and a young woman Luana Micaela M. (19) announced on Saturday in the division of Villa La, ata and gave a detailed panorama of the night which was full of excesses that ended in shame. Next, details.

1. The declaration of businessman Gašpar Esteban Fonola

Gaspar Esteban Fonolla He is 45 years old, single, businessman and lives in the state of Rodriguez. In his statement, he said that had nothing to do with Natacha Jaitt and that, on the other hand, is a friend of Riga, the owner of the salon, since adolescence. However, he explained that he "went away because it was not his wave".

According to Fonolin's story, he arrived at Rigoni's house around 5 pm. The host invited him with a promise that the girl would go. Half an hour later, around 5:30 pm, a woman who was "unknown" arrived. His friend told him that "the girl was paying", she would "charge 3 lights". Then he went with her to the "room on the highest floor".

As he stated at that time, when he was "I did not know it was the goal of the meeting." He added: "I did not imagine that I would be a paid girl, but I thought I was a pretty girl, so I told her I would not pay."

In that course A Gonzalo friend arrived, whom they called "Voltio" – Gustavo Bartolin, whom he also called a "bumpy engine" – and asked him: "Do you want a line, black?" "He called me hair and I consumed him, but he told me not to tell Gonzalo not to consume it, I do not know whether I will take care of him or not," he said..

Immediately, Gonzalo left the room saying that he had no erection because "the girl did not warm up so I told him he might not be well, because he just fought with his girlfriend. The girl left, we drank beer or champagne and took a glass of water and asked me if I was interested to be with her, but I told her that I did not have money and that she was not interested, so she went away we were just three people. "

At that time, the owner of the house told them that some people came to rent a place for events, and they said that they were told that he was a celebrity, Natacha Jaittand that the contact was made by the owner of a restaurant presented by a man named Raul, who was with Natacho in the business. I told her she was quilombera, and that the hiring of that place might give him or her benefit because it is known or dealing with quilombos. "

For this reason, Fonolla recommended the owner of the house "to make them a high bid so as not to accept, because they were not aware of the media nature".

Jaitt and Raúl Velaztequi Duarte arrived at 9:00 am, but it took almost an hour. Upon arriving I was asked to order dinner soups. "Booty (& # 39; Voltio & # 39;) came and went, and you can see that he went to look for the market. I'm not saying he's selling, but I do not know where he got it, "said Fonolla..

"She was kind, kind, beautiful, she was sitting next to me. We drink champagne, we talk"In that time, "Chubby" Voltio "told me" do you want to take one? " "and he told me that in the living room (on the marble table in the kitchen) I cut some lines, and I spent two more streaks.and that at different times of the night they went to look for some lineseven though I did not see when they did it because I was sitting outside. There were 5 or 6 hair lines. I think it was a bag because I do not know the street, I know it was an amount to spend a moment nothing more. I know that & # 39; Voltio & # 39; He did not charge drugs to anyoneI did not see the tickets or talk about it. I did not see Natacho take the drug, "Fonolla said.

According to his story, during the evening they discussed ideas for events, thematic parties and possible business models. "Natacha was a pretty strange girl, during the night," Voltio "said he would find a friend, she said" if you want a nail, it's nice "I do not know if that girl arrived there or not," Voltio " Cocaine Gonzalez, at night at the table it was a small metal tube with marijuana, I do not know who took it, we smoked a girl with curls and myself, and I do not know who else.

At one point, Natacha asked that Gonzal's house and complex be shown to him. "I did not notice anything strange in it, just" the pie "that she sees on television when she leaves." After 5 minutes, Gonzalo returned, but only. He said that Natasha was asleep in the house. "I do not remember saying she was broken or something."

Volti's friend forced me to face him, looked at me, and for a moment went to the bathroom & # 39; Voltio & # 39; tells me "Do you want to take her?" Give him, give him a present. She is a famous girl from the neighborhood, which means she was paid a girlfriend. "At that moment, Fonolla went with the girl to the room, which was not Natacha." We kissed, stripped of clothes, I was doing oral sex, but I was not stopped by the cocaine I had drunk, and one or two minutes after we arrived at the room, & # 39; Voltio & # 39; He hit the door of the room and yelled "Come on, baby, come on!" and she dressed and left, and left with "Volta" on a bike. Then Gonzalo went to the door. I saw him exalted, but I did not know the reason, because after I already wanted to leave, I got into the car and left. It was about 20 minutes after Natacha and Gonzalo entered the room themselves and she fell asleep. I was on a cocaine, I had a lot of champagne, so maybe I did not understand what was going on, but since I'm used to going without salutation where Gonzalo has people, and we have enough confidence to do that, I went straight. "

The owner of the house came to him, asked him if he was leaving and said yes. He arrived at his house at two in the morning, so he believed he left Xanadu between 1 and 1:15. He found out about his death at 9 in the morning when he woke up. He called his lawyer and decided to "put his face on, so we decided it was best to introduce myself here."

"From what I saw and what I was there, no one is guilty of the death of this girl, in my opinion, because no one forced him to do anything", he said, adding that he did not want anything to happen to the owner of the house and that he was hit by substances, but "I did not notice that Natacha was out of control, I noticed that she was normal in the sense of personality she showed on TV, an extrovert, fucking. She did not tell me she was feeling bad, nor did she tell me to take medication, nor did I see her taking medication.

2. Statement by young prostitute Luane Micaela M.

Luana Micaela M. is 19 years old and she works as a prostitute. On Friday night arrived at the Xanadú complex he called "Voltio"who in the past had sex in exchange for money. He even offered to take a friend to a "meeting with friends" whom Voltio had told him to organize. The electrician refused because "that girl was a half-villa, and people of that place were of a high level."

When Luana arrived in Xanada, her host showed her a place and took her to the yard. There was a table with a sushi on which three men sat, and later he found out about Natacha Jaitt.

According to a young woman's statement, Natacha "laughed a lot and spoke stupid". Luana also remembered that she was impressed that her "eyes were blinking". "Obviously I was drunk since I was drinking champagne before I arrived," she said, adding that she "spoke her tongue as if she was stuck, but continued to drink".

According to his statement, the room was a marble table with several lines of cocaine. Both Natacha as "Voltio" and "man of the peladito" (Fonolla) "They entered the whole time, they went where the cocaine was and sucked the table"Having not consumed that drug, she accepted the offer of her" friend ", who also carried" pepa "(LSD)."Voltio said she had a pepper, and Natacha told her she wanted to. He gave me a little card so I gave Natachi, she consumed it, and then "Voltio" and I took every pepper, "he said in detail.

He also remembered the moment that attracted him attention: "She loves to laugh she naively asked where she was ashamed, but I still knew it was under the tongue. "

Then Jaitt stood up with the owner of the place and "stayed talking to him near the place where they wanted cocaine." "After a while, he remained alone, happy, smiling, so we thought they had something in when they were alone, but the man said he was really broken," explained Luana.

In that time, she and Fonolla retreated to the room to have sex in exchange for money, but the man failed to have an erection because he consumed a lot of cocaine.

"I immediately heard under the scream" Voltija ", as she calls me She told us to go quickly because the other girl broke up and the ambulance is coming. Desperately insisted that we leave this place. I went on a motorcycle with "Voltiom" in his cabin that is close, he said, but he explained that the next day, when he saw the media hyper-environment surrounding Jait's death, the electrician urged to go to the police station to announce everything happened. "I told the truth that we have nothing to do"was a recommendation.

3. Statement by electrician Gustavo Andres "Voltio" Bartolín

Gustavo Andrés Bartolín, named "Voltio" or "el gordo de la moto" in the statements of other witnesses, has 44 years, is an American and licensed electrician. They live "usually" in the cabin on Isla Verde and Río Lujan streets.

Bartolin explained that he went to the event hall called by owner Gonzalo Rigoni, whom he considered "brother".. When he arrived, he said, Rigoni was "with his friend Gaspar (Fonolla) and one girl left, but I did not give him the importance, I do not know who he was."

Then he said that "as we repeatedly called for drugs (cocaine, marijuana, pepe), alcohol and tobacco, Gaspar asked me if I had it." "I told him I had the" cocaine service "he gave him, but he did not tell Gonzalo because he did not want to invite him," he explained.

Bartolin said he immediately went to bathe, because "I arranged with the girl Luana to find us in the hall of events." He said that he already knew her and that he had at least four sexual encounters in exchange for money, but he explained: "I do not think it's prostitution, I think it's help".

– I said Luane the same night I could have sex with Gaspar or Gonzal and get a mango, something she accepted"he added," Voltio "and said that once he went out to bathe, "Gaspar and Gonzalo insisted I get cocaine," the request he accepted. After asking people in the area, he said, he received "on the bridge of the coast Dique Luján".

"He's a kid who bought him 2,000 dollars of cocaine, so I went back to Gonzalo's cocaine house and there were already two people waiting for Gonzalez, a man whose name I do not remember, and a woman who It turned out to be Natacha Jaitt, who gave me the impression that I was puton, extravagant, cabareter, with tangles outsideHe said that.

Bartolin explained that he had given cocaine to Gonzalo, and after explaining that "I only consume one line", she heard that Jaitt "boasted that she used to eat 20 grams of cocaine, and then what I brought did not arrive," and asked him to go and get more, something he refused. "Then she said: "I am always, I am a Jew", which means she had cocaine for her. What's more, I know he was holding two or three cocaine bags in his trousers..

Jaitt began to say that he also used synthetic drugs, so he discovered that he had "some peppers" that he had given him some time ago. He, Luana and Jaitt consumed them. "Luana cut them at the kitchen table, took Natacha into the room. Luana and I are sharing the rest of the room.

Already close to the fatal outcome, Bartolin pointed out that the host and actress walked together, alone, to the living room, which he interpreted "that they were left to be tied, because in the evening, Gonzalo said things like" you go "to be my husband . & # 39; " About 20 minutes later Gonzalo descended, smiling at it I would wear him saying that he probably had sex with Natach, but he said he was sleepinghe added.

A few minutes after that scene, she was informed that Jaitt did not breathe, so she went into the room where she was staying. "I said" skinny, skinny, are you okay? "and I sat down on the bed, held her hands and talked to her, I felt that her body was hot and when I sat down, I felt a throbbing sound, like once blowing the air, I never imagined they could risk life, I thought I told my friend that she was holding her and told her that I would call an ambulance.

When Rigoni called 911, "Voltio" decided to go with Luana, who told her "Natacha broke up." "I did it to protect her, because I did not know Natasha was dead, I thought she was just broken and how the police would come and whether it was "falopa," I did not want him to have problems"

After leaving Luan in his house, Bartolin returned to Xanadou's room "to see how it all was" and to recover Luana's jacket. The police were already present at the crime scene, but nobody told him that Jaitt had died. When the police asked him what he was doing there, he said that the neighbor was going home.

Once At Home "(Luana and He) We had sex three times, and from 5 or 5:30 I called for a remis to leave"However, the dispatcher who called him told him that he could not enter because the area was full of police and cameras, so he" dropped a file that could have happened something bad. " "

The electrician finalized his testimony, which revealed that later, at the request of Rigonia, he "discarded" a package of marijuana cigars that belonged to him. "Then I went to look for Luan not to be in the place when the police arrived," Bartolin concluded.

4. Statement by Jaitt's partner, Raúl de Jesús Velaztiqui Duarte

Paraguayan nationality, Raúl de Jesús Velaztiqui Duarte is 47, a dance teacher and event organizer and He arrived with Jaitt in Xanadu. According to his statement, he is a friend of the actress "for many years," but recently he continued to see himself. "We met a few days ago, January 31, and I think that there was an idea to work together projects, to work together eventshe said.

In mid-February, the restaurant owner suggested that they work together. It was them, "Marcelo," that he would introduce them to his friend who owns a larger area where he will have the opportunity to hold events of greater importance. "I contacted that person named Gonzalo and arranged for a meeting the next day that he was on the 22nd of February at 21, on his proposal, I went to look for Natacha in my red Fiat adventure, because Natacha lives in Villa Urkiza and fell We arrived and there was Gonzalo, who had visited the place, where there were already two men, one skinny and skinny, the other more robust with the dark hair we ate with sushi.

"During the night I did not see that narcotics were consumed, the truth is that I do not know if they took it, and I did not see it because I had been out all the time from dinner and I do not know what others were doing when they entered the room again. If I saw that they were consuming, I would go because I do not use it, I went only to work, "Jaitt's partner said.

After a talk on the work, "a few hours later," when Luana arrived with Volta, "I already wanted to leave, but Natacha went with Gonzalo, I assumed she would go on a tour of the place and that was the last time." I saw her.

"After a while, I think about 15 or 20 minutes later, Gonzalo left alone and said:Your friend fell asleep, I do not know if she was tired, but she fell asleep"What impressed me because we had to go, I was surprised that he told me that Natacha just went to talk about work and nothing else".

At 1.30, Raúl Velaztiqui was just sitting outside. "When I saw that Natacha did not come back, I sent WhatsApp asking me if she was OK, but she did not answer me, so I called her and did not respond. Since she did not see me, it seemed strange to me and I went to look for her because we had to leave. When I went to look for him, Gonzalo was behind me. I saw him lying on the bed face up, naked, with clothes (shorts, corsets, t-shirts and some boots) on the floor, and the hair curtain is lying on a nightstand. "

In his statement, Jaitt's partner said that he had not seen any blows or marks on his body, and that there was nothing there that would attract him. "I wanted to wake her up and did not react, so I left, I saw that she was unconscious I slapped him, shook him to see if he reacted, but nothing. Gonzalo also tried to wake her up, "he added..

"I told Gonzalo: What's up?" He called an ambulance and called 911. "I became desperate and I called him 911. I do not know if she was breathing or not at that moment." When the police came with me, he told me that Natacha did not breathe and she could not feel the pulse. The cops called the ambulance and the doctor confirmed that she was dead. I entered the crisis, I could not believe it, now I say and cry because it hurts me a lot.

5. A complete statement by the owner Xanadu, Guillermo Gonzalez Rigoni

Businessman Guillermo Gonzalo Rigoni, who is mentioned in the stories as "Gonzalo"He is 45 years old, he is the importer of road materials, he has a Xanadu event and lives in Ituzaingu. Until Friday he did not know Natacha Jaitt, even when Raúl Velaztiqui Duarte told him that his partner did not know who it was?I did not know her because I did not watch TV"

"On Friday I talked to my friend Gaspar Fonol and invited him to come to my house at Villa La Sata (where I usually do not) to visit me and told him that a friend comes because I hired a paying girl, but I did not tell him I was a prostitute, I just let him realize that there is a possibility of having sex with herhe explained.

When Gashpar came and found out that the girl was a prostitute, he said that he was not interested, so Rigoni went with her to her room to have sex. "But I did not use them because I could not." The girl left about 7 or 7:30, "he explained.

At that moment, voters Gustavo "Voltio" Bartoloni, who had cocaine and invited the attendees, arrived at the heels.

"My friend Gaspar, When he heard that Natacha Jaitt was coming, he told me "with this, or you can hit or you sink" or something like that, because she had a reputation for quilomber and phalloper, "said Rigoni.

When he learned that the guests were postponed, he ordered sushi for Pedidos, "because he had nothing to offer, and we drank champagne." "Voltio went to buy cocaine for Gaspara, for Voltia and for me, Voltio invited him to arrange a purchase and went with my truck to buy it." We left that cocaine slit on the kitchen lines in my living room, it would be about 2 or 3 bags. From that cocaine we consume Natacha (I've seen it at least once), Gaspar, Voltio and myself, he explained.

When Jaitt and his companion arrived, they said they wanted to have fun at the place "very cool, with parking for the service, 80s and 90s music they loved, we exchanged ideas for the party, thinking about the glamorous profile "he said. Rigoni added that "Natacha had already reached the recapture entrance speeded up, she did not eat sushi, she was very druggedfrom the moment I arrived, I noticed that he was accelerating, speaking to a thousand, exalted and visible under the influence of cocaine, which I can see from my own experience ".

Jaitt also drank champagne during the night as they dined. Although he had not seen more drugs that night, the host said that at least he had a marijuana tube.

At midnight came "friend" Voltio "(Luana), whom the electrician told them that she was a prostitute, and stayed with them.

"I do not remember who took the initiative, but at any time Natacha and I went on our own to visit my living room and we ended up in my room"he told the researchers and asked to" clarify "it "Natacha also brought her cocaine, went to the bathroom twice, and consumed it and told me"How rich I am, I brought my piece of paper. I am a Jew, I want everything for myself"gesturing her nose like making gum sucking".

When they entered the bathroom, Jaitt was looking for a cigarette lighter, so the host asked for it. Upon returning, he found her sucking two lines of cocaine from which she wore. "Immediately, at the request of Natacha, I went back down to look for champagne and When I went upstairs, Natacha lay naked on my bed and rules wave-like movements as if it were rubbing her genitals in a clearly sexual way. I came to her, lay beside her and, not saying a word, I touched her vagina a little, I asked her if I had sucked her for a while, but she did not answer me, she remained calm, with her face on one side., so I thought he was asleep, so I slowly retreated. I went where the rest was and I told them that I "fell asleep". I postponed that I went with Natacha and that I came back to warn her that she was sleeping for about 10 minutes. I stayed with the others, Gaspar went with a friend of 'Voltia' and I do not know whether Raoul sooner or later went to see Natacha, "said the owner of the house.

"Less than 5 minutes after I came down, before I sent the messages and called Natacha, but after she did not answer, he went into the room to see her, I do not remember whether he left for the first time and called me or we are both together one, but I know that at one point we went up and two I saw Natacha lying about how he left her. We turned her over and felt the heat in her body, she was with hot and sweaty skin I was not afraid or imagined that I was dead. He did not wake up and I thought he disappeared. As Raul was scared by the state of his friend, I left the room and called 911. When I entered again, I was scared because Raul said she had made a mistake. I raised my butt, gave him some cakes to respond, and when I saw that he still did not renew consciousness, I put my face on his breath, noticing that he did not breathe. I looked at him well and saw him dead. I went out again and called 911, but I did not want to believe I was dead, I was scared. I went to tell the others, I saw 'Voltia'; and I told him the situation. I went out to wait for an ambulance. I guess the & # 39; Voltio & # 39; warned Gaspard and the other girl, because the three of them quickly left. They said 'we're going, we're leaving', and they went though I asked Gashpar and 'Voltia' to stay with me in order to resist. I did not go in anymore, then the police arrived. I do not remember when the clinic arrived, but I believe I saw the doctors, "he said.

"My memories are not clear because I was in crisis, then they brought me here, where they confirmed that Natacha died, and that's all that happened," Rigoni concluded before the researchers.

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