Tuesday , March 2 2021

Nahir Galarza, pineapple in prison with the former police

Between the river. Nahir Galarza was the protagonist of the incident in a female prison in Paraná, where he was sentenced to prison for the murder of his former boyfriend, Fernando Pastorizza. The young woman fought with Griseld Bordeiro, the former undersecretary of security detained in the drug trade, who was accompanied by the mayor of the city.

Conflict between camp inmates. The incident was confirmed by Horga Zonzini, a former spokeswoman for a 19-year-old girl who killed Pastorizza twice in the dawn on December 29, 2017. The fight between the detainees involved death threats, the criminal authorities were transferred to Bordeira in the pavilion for mothers. This is the first time Galarza has been involved in the crash of this style. Two months ago, the day before her birthday, she was transferred to Paran's prison

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