Sunday , May 16 2021

The promise of personalized medicine: improving prevention, diagnosis and treatment

The digitization It is crucial in the health sector. All patient data, medical history and everything related to the functioning of the organism are now recorded on computers, cell phones and even smartwatches. This a huge amount of information allows to have a profile and individual perspective of the patient.

"A few years ago cancer it was recognized by place of origin and there were several departments. The treatment given was the same according to the location of the tumor. Today we understand that each cancer is different, outside its place of origin, depending on the specific mutations genetically, "explained oncologist Clara Horsburgh (MN 102045)." "

“We are located in a unique moment in the story We better understand the genetic makeup of tumors and have a wealth of clinical data that is becoming more and more digital. We now need to transform healthcare systems to empower new tools and deliver innovation to patients faster, ”concluded the oncologist.

For his part, American academic and knowledge management specialist Thomas Davenport said it was "likely that medicine from precision or a very personalized attention to each person's genome is revolutionizing the future".

"Each human genome contains approximately one gigabyte of data. More than a million people have already sequenced it genome, and the number is rising rapidly as the price drops. Medical devices, cell phones, activity trackers and health sensors are continuously generating data, "Davenport said in a paper entitled" Cognitive Health Care 2027. "

The specialist also said, “Cognitive technologies will play a paper fundamental, because it takes a lot more than just analytical analytics to process huge amounts of data. "

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