Sunday , April 11 2021

This quantum accelerometer can replace GPS

GPS is an essential part of modern technology that is portable GPS or car navigation or aircraft. However, GPS can not be retrieved, depending on factors such as tall buildings blocking signals from running GPS. It may also prevent the GPS from malfunctioning, blocking, or otherwise getting jammed.

This quantum accelerometer can replace GPS

To find an alternative, a researcher in the Imperial College in London created a quantum "compass" that allows users to navigate back to their satellites. The so-called "personal quantum accelerometer" at the National Exhibition of Quantum Technologies.

Accelerometer – can measure the speed of the object over time and is usually used on smartphones. The location of the object can be determined if the original position and speed are known. However, the problem with accelerometers is a violation of their timing without external reference to their calibration. It also means that navigation, such as location, is not a very good alternative.

The new quantum accelerometer, in its turn, offers high precision. He measures the movement of the cooled superconducting atoms to the point where quantum behavior begins: they are particles and waves.

Investigators are a tool for measuring the movement of the waves by investigating the movement of atoms and by creating an inner interferometer. This means that new tools can accurately measure space travel.

The device, however, may be useful for ships and trains requiring navigation, which is too large for location in small space but GPS is not available. The reason for the large volume is the strong laser that is needed to obtain a cold atom sufficient for the accelerometer to function.

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