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All you need to play Super Smash Bros. on the day of release


Smash hits December 7.

Seth G. Macy

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Super Smash Bros. The Ultimate December 7 release date means we are tantalizingly close to having our Super Smash Dreams Reality. With a list of 74 fighters, an incomparable number of songs on the soundtrack and hundreds of frenzied ghosts, making it the same love letter to playing because it is a competitive fighting game.

If you want to skip your head into the world of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, you still have time to prepare. Here's a list of everything you need to make sure you're playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate at the peak of December 7.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Official GameCube Controller


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate official GameCube controller

Support Nintendo GameCube controller officially again for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. You do not need to buy a new controller if you still have the original GameCube or Wii in the GameCube controllers. But this is the official Smash Ultimate controller, so you can still hurry.

Preorder Nintendo Switch GameCube controller adapter


Nintendo Switch GameCube controller adapter

All GameCube controls in the world will not help you succeed in Smash if you can not use them with the Nintendo Switch. Luckily, Nintendo recognized this before and again released the official Nintendo Switch GameCube Adapter for Control. If you have a Wii U adapter, it works with the Nintendo Switch, but if you miss the console below the price, this is the Wii U GameCube adapter that gives a new life. If you have GameCube Wavebird, you can connect the receiver and do exactly as it should.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Pro Controller


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Pro Controller

There is nothing wrong with a purist who just wants to play Smash using GameCube controllers. But this limited edition of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Pro Controller may think twice about how you play. Maybe. Probably not. But no matter how you decide to play, this is a really cool controller and after Smash came out, it's probably not easy to get. So, if you want it, I recommend downloading it earlier, not later.

Preorder Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


If you have not changed Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, you can do it and hope to get it on the day of your release. Amazon offers a premium of $ 10 for premiere if you are pre-ordering. Best Buy also offers a $ 10 credit, but will be dropped into Super Smash Bros. collectibles. in order to try to secure your money. Walmart offers free delivery without membership, and GameStop has a free two-sided poster that you can only get by over-playing, either in the store or online.

Oh, and if you register your copy of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate before January 31, 2019, you get Piranha Plant for free.


Super Smash Bros. Digital Super Smash Fighters Pass Package

You can rearrange the game and secure the upcoming DLC ​​fighters in one downhill run with Smash Fighters Pass. You get the game, and special fighters pass the Mii costume, next to the stages and fighters in the DLC.

To look at Super Smash Bros. You can get for $ 24.99.

There are special releases of Steel Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and it's pretty great. You get the game, the steel case and the limited edition Pro Controller all in one package. That's good news. The bad news is almost always sold out. Sometimes he returns in stock, so I left the links here, in the hope that you will meet and check when they are alive again.

Super Smash Bros amiibo


With the whole list now known, in the future, a lot of amiibo will be expected. Strange, none of them is currently available for exaggerating. But there are many sites on Amazon for many of them, which are listed below. For a complete list of all upcoming amiibo, see the Nintendo site.

Nintendo Switch


Nintendo Switch and Super Smash Bros with Coin Bundle

Best Buy allows you to order a game and a new switch in one convenient package, and you get a cool, exclusive Super Smash Bros. collection. This is not a limited edition Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Switch Pack, so there is no special companion that goes with it.


Here are some regular old Nintendo Switch consoles that you can buy if you miss the super cool package.

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