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Lisa Wilkinson turns to Logies to "fight" with Karl

Lisa Wilkinson turned to rumors that she had a clumsy clash with the former co-host of the Today Show, Karl Stefanovic, while at this year's Logies awards.

In a short segment at the beginning The Sunday Project, Wilkinson set the record as soon as numerous magazines reported fighting with Stefanovic on a red carpet.

The theme was presented during the segment about the types of sensationalized stories about Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle.

Panelist of the project, Susie Youssef, crooked these tabloids by presenting himself as a spokeswoman for the fictional publication, Magazine Idea.

"In the following issue, we will find out what Lisa told Karl Stefanovic on the red carpet in Logie and how she made a coat of a co-star of Hamish Macdonald during a haircut for Logies," joked Youssef.

In the segment, Lisa claims that these types of magazines and clickable sites are clicked on an unusual party, not on factual news.

Before she put rumors about her and Karl into bed, Lisa made a dreadful blow to her ex-colleague.

"So what did you say to Carla on the red carpet?" Macdonald Wilkinson's Query.

"I told him to go alone," she replied.

After laughing at the joke with his hosts, Wilkinson eventually made a rumor, arguing that there was no argument between Stefan and Stefanovic.

"I was standing on a check-out of the rugs some evening, and there are several of those magazines reporting about Logies," she said.

"Obviously, Karl and I had a quarrel on a red carpet, which is completely inaccurate."

Wilkinson said that seeing the story reminiscent of how the public should be "compassionate" toward Kate and Megan when such stories are written about them.

"We do not know the truth, and all journals and sites have got bad photos of people and wrote a story about it and people click on it," she said.

"Most of the people you talk to when they go to websites are reading magazines they say," Of course, I do not believe, I just fill in the time. "

Panelist, Rachel Corbett, called the constant stories of Meghan and Kate "BS".

"You see the way they look at each other while sitting in a box and having a good time. You do not look at someone that you do not like, "she said.

"It's just BS."

Last month's Logies awards were the first time that Stefanovic appeared on television in a hitting slot after he was sensationally thrown out of today's show at the end of last year.

It's the first time in 15 years that the 44-year-old former Gold Logie winner does not have to be in the early morning after the rewards.

"It was a wonderful year as always," said Leili McKinon on Channel 9 reporting.

"This is the first time in 15 years I've been Logies where I do not have to get up at 3:30 in the morning. Like, oh, what?

"This is now more responsible Stefanovic. I want to be more conservative. I'll be at the gym at 3.30, and then at the library. You know, these are the things I expected these days.

Stefanovic will return to Channel 9 later this year with his show This time next yearHowever, the network has not yet announced the date of broadcasting.

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