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Michael Clarke doubles Gerard Whateley Spray, Tim Paine

A witty reaction – support and assault – comments Michael Clarke on the need of the Australian cricket team to keep going hard.

After Clarke and prominent commentator Gerard Whatleya and back, the former Ausi skipper doubled and spoke to a huge storm on Thursday morning.

"In my career I could write a lot of criticism," Clarke told Macquarie Sports Radio. "But when someone questions or insults my integrity and my credibility, it's not for sale. That's not included – and I put it clearly on social media.

"As a father, the day will come when I am not on this planet, but my daughter will know exactly what I'm in for. He will know a large part of my job, as Dad was to teach resistance, I will show her that I do not think she is right or it is appropriate to attack someone's integrity or credibility.

"I think Gerard said it was completely useless. To blame me for cheating in South Africa is an absolute shame."

Clarke highlighted the over-used term "playing your cricket," which Whatleyu insinuated the cause of Australia's slipping slope toward Newlands Scandal in March.

"I think Matthew Hayden struck last night in the head," Clarke said, citing an interview with a former Fairfax opening opener on Wednesday.

"We, as cricketers, call it the" Australian way, "which means playing with good intent and good aggressive language – but you always play within the rules. I think that the hard approach" never take a step back "does not mean that" cheating is good " . "

Clarke emphasized that he would never be on the side of cheating and said he had not withdrawn his position. Whateley was "the main cowardly coward."

"It's 100 percent how I feel and I'm looking forward to saying it once," he said.

The current Australian captain, Tim Paine, has defended his approach because Steve Smith, David Warner and Cameron Bancroft were suspended due to a scandal in South Africa earlier this year.

He said Clark's proposal that the team "should stop worrying about what he likes and care about respect."

"Nobody spoke about what he liked, certainly the opposition," Paine told ESPNcricinfo. "We talked about wanting to trust the Australian public and we are sure that you want Australian fans and fans from Australia to love or love the Australian Test Team. It certainly has this aspect, but from the perspective of the opposition we are not worried because we like one battle . "

Paine said after a clumsy test in Johannesburg that was played after Smith, Warner and Bancroft collapsed, his side "contested as much as possible" against Pakistan in the UAE without his frontal attack on bowling.

"We will still play hard Australian cricket, as Michael said, it will not change … it's only knowing that sometimes we may have to pull it out and make sure we get the most important thing first, and that's our skill."

But Clark found an ally in beloved former opener Matthew Hayden, who said on Wednesday evening at SCG: "You do not play because you want to have a master to be a good man."

"I know what our truth is like the Australian cricket, we played our best cricket when you're fighting." Now the word "battles" provokes first fights, verbal diarrhea, racial and religious fanatics. , according to Fairfax.

"It's about the language of the body and it's the fact that as Australians when you walk across that line and play in SCG," this is our country, our tera. "And in our watch we want to try and win. And I think that's really what Michael would be trying to say – that this is a competitive advantage.

"I know if we lose it, and even our good aura of Australian cricket when we lose that edge – and I'm thinking about the post-test match against India here – and all of them were a little hit in that incident and a little worried about" did we cross over sign "and" should you play the game in this kind of spirit? "we just started to play badly. And I think that's not true.

"My expectations as fans, forgetting the former players are that our athletes are men or women in any code seem to win the game or to kill their event. I think it's a way of thinking that we need to play the best in any code. # 39; & # 39;

The new coach, Justin Langer and Peyne, attempted to launch a new era, without verbal abuse and cracks, attracted many shifts.

South African skipper Faf du Plessis noted that they beat Australia in the recent ODI series, while Shane Warne and former England captain Michael Vaughan promised the players' pact.

Clarke became the newest high profile player who voiced criticism Tuesday, urging Paine to return to the "hard Australian cricket".

"If you try and give up, we are perhaps the most popular team in the world, but we will not win with ***. We will not play. Boys and girls want to win," Clark told Macquarie Sports Radio.

Comments by SEN commentator Gerard Whateley. "Clarke's interpretation of the situation in which the Australian male test team is located is taking away breath," said Whateley. "To keep on relying on the line – the fiction of his and the following teams who used to say all kinds of unusual behavior – maybe the biggest part of nonsense over the past nine months.

"The summer test before us is a critical moment of recalibration, and Paine and his team left with a huge responsibility to renew the national cricket character deserve better than what Clarke represents. To hear, I read only angry."

Long-time rivals of Clark Simone Katich also hit the former skipper.

"Once again, we found someone (Clarke) to miss this thing," said Katich radio station SEN.

"We were caught up in obvious cheating and we have to correct this as soon as possible and restore respect for the public in Australia and around the world. Our behavior is a big part of it.

"For many years now, we have been a team that does not like this behavior on the field and obviously came to head in Cape Town.

"A tough battle for this team, taking charge of what came before them will not be easy."

But Clark returned to Whateley, calling him "a coward in the capital" in a remarkable statement.

A recent ethical center report commissioned by Cricket Australia (CA) following a citing scandal in Cape Town has expressed concern about the team's conquest culture, not counting the costs and "normalizing verbal maltreatment for men in Australia."

Langer, who recently met Smith and Warner in Sydney, tired of talking about his behavior.

"I'm not sure what people want from us," he said last week.

"We can not confuse the message, on the one hand, we are too aggressive and probably crossed the line. Now we call us calm."

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