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New parking laws can cost demerit points

It's never a great feeling when you return to your car to find that you are hit by a parking card and now some drivers have more than a financial penalty for worry.

Under the new laws, NSW parking inspectors will be able to give demerit points as well as fines for drivers who are illegally parked.

The new rules see inspectors who can opt for a maximum of two demerit points above a fine for a variety of parking violations.

Leaving a stationary vehicle on or near a child's crossing, pedestrian crossing, marked crossing of a foot or crossing a bicycle could cost $ 337 and two demerit points.

The penalty is the same for drivers parked at the intersection, within 10 meters of the intersection without a traffic light or 20 meters from the intersection with traffic lights.

Parking in a disabled parking lot without a permit already comes with a fine of $ 561, and now you can get a demerit point.

Leaving a vehicle on or near a level crossing will also result in an amount of $ 337.

The announcement did not go well, and many people go to social media to share their frustrations on the new rule.

"This is ridiculous. The only person who could deal with demerit is the police.

It's okay. However, the exact point for parking is pure nonsense, "wrote one person.

"The demerits should have been bad behavior while driving, and the next will be demeritas for breathing alone," said the other.

Other people complained that in many places around Sydney it was not even possible to park 20 meters back from the intersection.

According to 7 News, 675 NSW drivers were fined for parking too close to the passage, 4745 were fined for leaving cars close to intersections and 3812 were issued for the illegal use of disabled parking.

Bernard Carlon, of the NSW Traffic Safety Center, told that parking illegally poses a problem of kidney safety.

"Illegal parking on or near the passage, in school areas or at a crossroads poses a risk to road safety, affecting the ability of other drivers to see pedestrians or cyclists when approaching crossings or intersections," he said.

"It can also reduce the ability of these users to travel safely."

Parking inspectors managed to extract demerit points for some time, but the grace period meant they had the opportunity to give points at their discretion.

This period was almost all drivers caught parking illegally by risking being hit by demerit points and punishment.

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