Monday , May 10 2021

Rumors: The PS5 GPU is a beast

PS5 Graphics

Rumors have it that the PlayStation 5 graphics processing unit is a bit of a monster. It all comes from Komchi's findings on Twitter, put into context by Twitter user is A Parrot. Basically, the leaks suggest that the PS5's alleged GPU is currently being tested – and it's powerful.

We won't pretend to be hardware experts, but the bottom line is that the PS5's alleged GPU outperforms all but the premium units. According to PCMag, this insidious GPU is somewhere between two of GeForce's latest graphics offerings: the RTX 2070 and the RTX 2080. Both are graphically incredibly capable graphics cards, and this is mirrored in the latter price at around $ 800.

So, does this mean the PS5 will cost an arm and a leg? It's too early to say, but Sony is obviously packing a lot of powerful technology into its next generation console. Remember, the company is already boasting about 4K outputs, SSDs, and air search. The PS5 will need some meaty interiors to make all of that promise a reality, so the price will probably come down to whether Sony is willing to sell the system at a loss. We'll have to wait and see again.

What are you saying about this rumor? See the actual graphic in the comments section.

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