Thursday , February 25 2021

Sunny coast: a fire at Caloundra, Little Mountain

CAMPERS on the island of Stradbroke have been evacuated from the main beach and reservations for suspended reasons until the grass fire is getting worse.

The main beach is closed south of Alfredo Marti and Fisherman's Track is also closed.

FIRE ATTENTION: An emergency situation in which the residents said they were running away

SCORCHER: Southeastern shoulder straps for hot conditions

UNDER MANAGEMENT: Near Gold Coast are included

The Redland City Council has imposed a major ban on banning fire and will hold a community meeting tomorrow informing citizens of further threats to municipalities.

Residents are urged to pay attention to the latest warnings issued by the panel, as the threat of fire is constantly increasing.

Emergency emergency services are ready to help evacuate and map the spread of fire.

Thick smoke choked the air and reduced quality and visibility, the Council spokesman said.

media_cameraNorthern Stradbroke islands of fire

In other places, firefighters on the fire are on the scene of a burning fire on the sunshine.

Fire lit on the west side of Kawan Way Link Road, the north side of the Caloundra Road and the eastern side of Honey Farm Road, in Caloundra near Little Mountain.

Kawana Way Link Road is closed in both directions this morning between Caloundra Rd and Creekside Blvd.

Fire falls within the boundary lines and does not pose a threat to assets at this time, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services spokesman said.

Firefighters will work to strengthen prison lines throughout the day.

The Queensland Fire and Emergency Service has warned of smoke affecting Buderim, Sippy Downs, Mountain Creek and surrounding areas.

The residents are asked to close the windows and doors, and if they have a respiratory condition, keep the medicine close. Drivers should drive with caution and conditions.

media_cameraResidents in Oxfordshire on Kopps are holding burns in the hills during yesterday's dangerous conditions. Picture by Glenn Hampson

This comes after an emergency declaration was lifted that refers to the fire on the sun on the sunshine.

The Emergency Declaration was passed in accordance with the Law on Public Safety and Protection around 12.10, when large grass was burned on Mala planina.

The declaration includes the boundaries of Kawan Link Road to the west, the Kalounrena Road to the south, the Boulevard Parklands in the east and the Meridan Road to the north.

The fire no longer poses a threat to homes and the declaration was abolished at 2.48.

Smoke from Fire at Oxenford in Gold Coast with visible suburban streets

Bushfire at Oxenford

In the meantime, the island's residents on Stradbroke Island have been invited to stay informed of the fire on the island.

At around 11.20 hours, firearms were in the vicinity of the Eighteen Mile Swamp, south of Alfred Martin Waya, near the main beach.

There was no real estate threat.

Also in the southeast, two large ones fires fall into the backyard of Gold Coast It took an hour for the firefighters to be controlled.

Residents Wongawallan and Oxenford received a notice to prepare for their departure shortly 17 hours ago.

The Wong-Walaan flame was under control until 17:30, while the Oxenford fire was finally considered under control immediately 19 hours ago.

It is near the southeast as more than 100 fires continue to burn this morning across the country.

The worst are taken into account central Queensland, with residents of several communities who are called to leave their homes.

Hot, dry conditions are expected today. The authorities described today's expected conditions as "in touch", but they are not disastrous as in the previous days.

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