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2019 Summer House of Stars: Kate Merlan wants a baby

Baby Crisis by Kate & Benjamin

On the terrace at "Summer House of the Stars" Kate Merlan emotionally confesses to her roommates Eleni Miras and Jasmin Herren. She desperately wants a baby, but her lover Benjamin Boyce doesn't want it at all. Talking to the two of them, Kate can no longer contain her tears, as our video shows.

Kate: "I could never have done without him …"

Kate had a very emotional dream for her. "I really had that dream tonight with a baby knocking," says Jasmine and Elena on the terrace of their summer home. Apparently Kate addresses the topic of offspring: "And I really just want to have one, and he just doesn't stop there. That's the problem."

Kate can no longer hold back tears. Elena takes her in her arms. Because as a mother she can understand Kate well, of course, "My daughter changed everything with me." And Kate admits, "I could never do without him just because my husband doesn't want it."

Why the former "Caught In The Act" singer blocks the baby theme so much is revealed in our video.

Benjamin: "Shut up, Kate!"

Is the relationship between Benjamin and Kate so bad? After all, this is not the only problem: even when it comes to communication, the two obviously connect. Obviously, this is a couple's game in an episode of summer house 4. Benjamin is more than annoyed by the fact that his girlfriend constantly convinces him. They both then get frustrated that communication is a big issue in their relationship. How to properly communicate as a couple is explained by the couple and the sex therapist.

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