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Apple: New iPhone released – but not everyone can buy it

iPhone XSThe new iPhone is for researchers only and is significantly different from the usual retail versions.Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

As part of its bug creation program, Apple will offer a modified version of the iPhone in the future specifically for security researchers. The company announced it at a Black Hat Cybersecurity conference. This is the first time Apple has offered special scientific equipment.

The new smartphone is not available in the market, researchers have to compete on a modified iPhone through Apple's "iOS Security Research Device" program. This is open to scientists who have proven merit in security research. The goal should be to find easier bugs and vulnerabilities on Apple devices in the future.

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More debugging features and root shell

New iPhone models will be vastly different from conventional devices. The smartphones will be equipped with advanced debugging features and a root that provides full administrative privileges to the system. There are numerous other changes that should make the software more open and accessible.

How many participants are enrolled in the program has not yet been revealed by Apple.

Apple pays up to $ 1 million to fix the problem

The iOS device security research program is one of several Bug Bounty enhancements Apple announced at the conference. Also, there is now more money for researchers to find system bugs and report them to Apple – including a $ 1 million reward for those who find a specific iPhone vulnerability that allows them to control the device without the need for user interaction.

Apple also expanded its running Bug Bounty program three years ago to MacOS for Macs, WatchOS for Apple Watch and TVOS for Apple TV.

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