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Bayern: Leroy Sané before the change? Toni Kroos does not believe in transfer

FC Bayern Munich trains with the team for the next season. Will Leroy Sané be part of a new team? Here you will find all the news about City-Star news.

  • Bayern is looking for departures by Franck Ribery and Arjen Robben, even wings on the wings.
  • The hot candidate is Leroy Sané. The German international is still tied to Manchester City until 2021.
  • Sané should hope for a doubling of his previous salary.
  • All recent events around Sané can be found here.

Update as of June 26, 2019: Toni Kroos won the Champions League in Bayern in 2013, and in 2014 he became world champion in the German national team. Since the only German in the Real Madrid team was then unthinkable: three titles of the Champions League in a row (2016, 2017, 2018). In an interview for Sport Bild He has now estimated the rumors of a possible change in his team-mate Leroy Sané in FC Bayern Munich.

"If Leroy needs to go to Bayern, then this would probably be a huge transfer to Bavaria, which never existed in this financial framework," says Kroos. He does not believe in the transfer of a 23-year-old. "It's just my feeling," he adds. From Manchester City, he would not allow wings to fly "or at least make him so expensive that Bayern would no longer pay him."

As an alternative to Sanéu Ousmane Dembélé is now trading FC Barcelona.

Will Bayern win Leroy Sané? This request would make the transfer very difficult

Update as of June 25, 2019: When it comes to career planning, almost everything is in money with Leroy Sané. At least that's what they say picture in an article that is available online only as a payment content. Therefore, the wing would currently be due to its mixed season in Manchester City in a poor negotiating position, which is why his interest in changing this summer was "good".

Video: Does Sané come? Bayern's temporary transfer

Thanks to his current contract by 2021, Sané is currently collecting 9.3 million euros a year, and his next signature should double this number as much as possible. These are the spheres in which FC Bayern has not progressed yet.

But not only with the next job with the club, Sané wants to get in touch. He hopes, therefore, to make a huge leap in terms of equipment. Negotiated in Schalke with the Nike contract brings him 200,000 euros plus bonuses every season. But the next year, the agreement expires. Sané also hopes that in the future it will "be in a small scale of one digit". Here it comes picture DFID vendor Adidas in the game – after all, numerous Herzogenaurache's testimonies from the national team were adopted. And Sané is undoubtedly one of the faces of a new rise in the election.

Rumors of transfer: Will Leroy Sané come to Bayern?

Munich – Leroy Sané's rumors of commitment are stubbornly stuck around Bayern for weeks. Considering the forgiveness of Frank Ribery and Arjan Robben on his lap, at least one job should be taken. In addition, the son of former Souleyman Sanéa last season in Manchester City had to satisfy most of Joker's role, he came to 17 of his 47 mission from the bank. Apparently too little for the left leg, whose ability to hope for a world-wide career.

However, his employer, for which he is still bound by 2021, according to the English tabloid sun demand an incredible fee of 100 million euros for transfer. It seems Sané is torn. Although it would still be difficult for him in the stomach that Bayern should have taken three years ago because of the "robbery" of the distance from the possible transfer. His parents, however, would rather return home. by tz– Information, the final decision has not yet fallen.

Manchester City transferred € 50.5 million to Schalke 04 for Sané

Sané moved from Schalke 04 to ManCity in 2016 for 50.5 million euros. Since then, he has won two titles of championship with English manager Pep Guardiola, as well as the FA Cup, twice the League Cup and once the Community Shield. After three seasons, 133 competitions and 39 goals for "citizens" are available in all competitions. For "miners" he was successful in 13 professional games 13 times.

As an alternative to the DFB, the internationals especially address the young French Nicolas Pépé from the Lille OSC or Real Madrid before leaving Velchetan Gareth Bale. Less in focus this year is Callum Hudson-Odoi. In winter, the Reds stubbornly fought for Chelsea's talent, at that time it seemed that the deal failed only because of the demands of London. After the rupture of the Achilles tendon, which had put the English in action for a long time, the interest seemed to cool down in the meantime.

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