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Börse Express – ROUNDUP / New York Stock Location: At the bottom

A sales warning from a semiconductor group
Broadcom has a mood over the weekend
Blurred US technology sector. Nasdaq Selection Index 100
lost 0.42 percent on Friday to 7479.11 points.

Only in the minus from 0.07% to 26.089.61 points is completed
on the other hand, the leading index of Dow Jones Industrial shop
and recorded a gain of 0.4 percent on a weekly basis.
S & P 500 on the market he gave up 0.16 percent
2886.98 counter after.

US data on retail and industry were better
failed than expected. On the other hand, the university
The Michigan consumer mood is slightly more blurry than it is
predicted by analysts. All in all, economic data
Hopes of falling interest rates by the central bank
new food. Recently, this hope had a stock market

Broadcom's shares lost 5.57 percent. The day before
a semiconductor company after closing the bells in New York
Sales forecast for the current year decreased. Analysts were from
This step in itself was less surprising, not so much
Reduction forecast. The main reason for this is a trade war
between the US and China, which is the demand for semiconductors
suppressed. Several analysts have reduced their targets for the price
Broadcom papers.

Frustration left a mark on other figures from the industry:
It was like Texas Instruments and Advanced
Micro Devices decreased by more than 3 percent. u
Philadelphia Semiconductor Index (SOX), which is the 30 most important values
The US chip industry lost 2.6 percent.

A record value of $ 142.95 was indicated by the newspaper
Amusing giant Walt Disney From the store
However, they went with a slight discount of 0.06 percent
$ 141.65. The day before they cleaned up at Dow's top
got a record height, but soon missed.

A great debut at the stock exchange was put on the weekend
American pet seller Chewy out.
At $ 36, the first price was $ 14 above it
Price issue. At peak, stocks rose to $ 41.34.
At the end of the day, they cost $ 34.99.

According to the "New York Times" report on the upcoming
T-Mobile US Approvals with
American rival sprint he pulled the papers out of these two
Telecom company very short. At the end of the store
shares of the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary but only
0.60% more, while Sprint grew by almost 3%.

Euro He was from a considerably stronger US dollar
loaded. In late American trade, the common currency costs
$ 1,1206. The European Central Bank (ECB) had
Reference interest rate from 1.1265 (Thursday: 1.1289) dollars
The dollar thus cost 0.8877 (0.8858) euros. revolutionary
ten-year bonds received 4/32 points at 102-20 / 32 points. they
gave 2.08% ./ajx/fba

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