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Causa Strache-Video: What did Jan Böhmermann know?

Vienna – German satirist Jan Böhmermann already in April, an affair about the statements made by FPÖ leader Heinz-Christian Strache on Friday to hide the financing of the parties and the assignment of state orders. In a video message for this year's awarding of the Romy Academy Awards in April, he made appropriate allusions, which were naturally accepted as satire.

"Russian Oligarchenvilla in Ibiza" t

In a message sent to guests on April 11, the satirist said that "unfortunately today, he could not have been present in the Vienna Hoffburg, which of course has a particularly positive historical attraction for me as a German one."

Still: "While enjoying the gala, drinking sparkling wine, eating fine sandwiches, and charmingly trying not to let Gernot Blümel feel that you despise him (…), I am pretty impressive at the moment and Red Bull paid with several FPÖ business a friend in the Russian oligarchic villa in Ibiza – and I was negotiating whether and how I can take over the Kronen Zeitung and my opinion in Austria can grab me. "

But he was not allowed to talk about it, "Böhmermann continued," that's why I just thank you, thank you, thank you. " Finally, Böhmermann addressed the guests: "Everyone who cares about Europe, vote on May 26th – And those who believe that the Austrian government works well, do not vote until May 27th."

"Let's go to Ibiza"

This Friday – after announcing the cause – Böhmermann released his Twitter channel and then commented on Youtube video Vengaboys. Title: "Let's go to Ibiza!" (APA)

Journalist: Böhmermann also got a video

Like Leila Al-Serori, a journalist South-German newspaper, he explained on Friday night in ZiB 2, Böhmermann also leaked the video. "We know that Jan Böhmermann got and leaked or offered a video." However, the satirist refused to investigate the matter or to do something from it. (APA,

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