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Evening under the mark of the winner

Evening under the mark of the winner

LINZ. Touch: Coach Josef Schopf was thrilled with "Golden Leo" and winner Lukas Weishaidinger. LASK has already won nine times. It was the premiere for Sofia Polchanov

Evening under the mark of the winner

Winner of the 44th OÖN athletic election: LASK captain Gernot Trauner took over the team's title, such as table tennis. Polanski is the first athlete of the year, Lukas Weißhaidinger repeated his victory in 2016. Image: VOLKER WEIHBOLD

It was solemn, atmospheric and with the wind of sporting informality on Tuesday evening, when the sportsman of Upper Austria was awarded the Linz Palais Kaufmännischer Verein. For the 44th time, OÖNahrichen's selection was already organized together with Sportland Oberösterreich. A long tradition that has written history and continues to write.

This time, among other things, was Josef Schopf. For Innviertler's unforgettable evening, he had many reasons to celebrate. First, the 65-year-old was allowed to celebrate with his protégés, the disc thrower Lucas Weishaidinger, who won the Athlete of the Year award. At that time, the discoverer and long-term coach of the EM bronze was honored for his work even with "Golden Leo", the honorary OÖN award. He is also a representative of so many important supporters of successful athletes who are (almost) never at the center of attention. Good news did not stop Schopf. Weißhaidinger will not train in the next few days commonly in Vienna, but with him in Taufkirchen an der Pram. The opportunity to return home with his "Port" is like an early Christmas present for Schopf. "The prize is a great honor for me," said Weißhaidinger, who won ahead of skiing Vincent Kriechmayr – whose prize was taken by his sister Jacoba – and professional cyclist Lukas Pöstlberger.

Although the athlete was at the top of the list for the second time, he was the first for Sofia Polcanov. "If this were going to the front, so I did not expect," he said cheerfully in the European number in table tennis. Her club Linz AG Froschberg had a special Superligu match postponed, which eventually paid off. Seventh fighter Verena Preiner and Hildegard Platzer – Birgit Platzer's mother, who had already gone abroad – were at the podium with a 24-year-old.

For the teams, the winner was LASK as in the previous year and the ninth time. "This award shows that the club is on the right track," said Gernot Trauner. Captain used the opportunity to thank Judith Judith the day before his first twin birthday. She kept her back free at home and "always sleeping well," said the young father, who also felt comfortable in the sports family of Upper Austria. Including many legends, whose meetings brought one or two delicacies.

Thus, former Canadian Wolfgang Hartl had to put pressure on. The reason: between the Olympic guard of Los Angeles and Jude Josef Reiter, an agreement was reached, according to which ÖOC's bookmaker will be facing each occasion in 1984. If you forget, others should be able to give him the task. The story as he writes a selection of athletes.

Gala evenings as the next event

After the award ceremony of the OÖN athlete at the Palais Kaufmännischer Verein, the final accent follows on February 8, 2019. At Gala Night of Sports, organized by OÖN in cooperation with LIVA at Brucknerhaus in Linz, the best athletes in the country will again sow in the spotlight. Unlike the meeting of the upper Austrian sports family on Tuesday evening, the holiday in February is not a party to a closed society. The traditional gala evening has been popular for decades, filling Brucknerhaus. Also, in 2019, there will be an entertainment program with sport, show and lots of music.

Tickets are available in all Ö-Ticket outlets, in all VKB affiliates, at Brucknerhaus and on the Internet at www.oeticket.at.

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