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Liu Gia needs to get rid of the shoulder

Liu Gia needs to get rid of the shoulder

LINZ. Let's remind, the main tour of the former European champion – Amelie Solzha.

Stark Man Lin goes to Linsee Picture:

Balloon, two rackets, a table with a grid. Each of us has already tried – about table tennis. But in fact, it's possible to see somebody interested in TipsArena Linzer from today's Sunday, with a 40-millimeter plastic balloon. Liebherr Austrian Open has a cashier for stars that have not yet seen the world of table tennis. 49 men and 35 women were fired in the global ranking. Austrian table tennis president Hans Friggerger said: "There has never been such a report at the World Tournament and it can not be achieved at World Championships or the Olympics," says Austrian table tennis president Hans Friginger.

In an elite circle

Early this year it will allow to reform the rating in the world. "It used to be three or four tournaments to defend you," said Vladimir Samsonov of the World IT Association (ITTF). However, the new calculation method has a great impact on the number of players. In addition, the Lins Platinum Series is one of the top-ranked ITTF tournaments. In Europe there are not only Bremen, but six seasons worldwide.

However, it depends on the situation. In addition to an additional 220,000 euros, the prize is similar to boxing competitions. "In the past two days, we will only play in the central court, we will be accompanied by gladiators, with the arrival of stars, DJ sounds and cracks," said Freindinger.

Liu Gia needs to get rid of the shoulder

Liu Gia needs to get rid of the shoulder

In fact, Liu Jia was scheduled for the second attack in the main round of Austrian Open in Linz. And the former European championship should refrain from shoulder damage: "It is impossible". Given the high level of Linz, there is no point in participating in these situations. The organizer will be traveling to the second Amelie Solja with a basic direct ticket to Sofia Poljanova. The Austrian Association has strictly adhered to the world rating made by men. As a result, Stefan Fegler (67nd place in the world) should be highly qualified in personal competition, while Daniel Habeson (37th) and Robert Gardos (58th place) are in the main competitions. Sports director Carl Jindrak says: "It does not have to be a defect. "If you win one or two games, that will give you strength."

Super Star

Ma Long will be the Olympic champion and world champion in Linz. According to the World Ranking, 30-year-old Canadian Fan Zhendong (1), Xu Xin (2) and Lin Gaiuan (4th place) are behind. Victims Ma Long had been forced to halt the Swedish Force for a long time and dropped for the first time since February 2007 (11) for the first time.

Local character

The world's elite before him is Sofia Polzhanova. Lenserin is the world's fifth largest. The first room in Europe. The 24-year-old has been awarded three medals of the European Championship this year. Forceberg stopped working because of the overload. Linz is the only one that is dual and mixed in the main circular set. "We have to fight hard for each victory," says Polchanova.


The international density in individual competitions is so high that vice president of Austria Peter Elkel is classified as "emotion" to the quarterfinal. Possibilities of the best ranks for adults, as well as for the first time. In particular, men's duet Robert Gardos and Daniel Habeson won the title of European champion for the second time a month and a half ago. In the mix, Sofia Polzhanova and Stefan Fergle estimates Tokyo 2020, where mixed doubles will be the Olympics for the first time.

All-time dimension

Tomokazu Harimoto, Japan's first number, estimated that just 15 Lenz, Vladimir Samsonov ceased to exist. Until the start of the 42-year Millennium, even before Werner Schlagar spent a long time in the world rank – 18th in the rating. Linz says, "If it is not good then I love her."

Facts and Facts

The organizers have made a lot of effort in the 50th edition of Linz, Austria. "We have approximately 3300 square meters in TipsArena," says Ernst Promberger. Vice President of the Austrian Table Tennis Association (OÖTV) was responsible for the work. Some things have appeared in the last few minutes, for example, the magazine, which was published only yesterday by the general sponsor from China, Liègerehr. Stars are accessible by 1600 pieces for training. Schedule for upcoming days:

  • Tuesday and Wednesday: Selection matches from 10am.
  • Thursday: Unified main round, double and mixed round up to 16 to 10.
  • Friday: Singles, quarters and semi-finals play in the eighth and quarter finals and mix with 10.
  • Saturday: one quarterfinal (11) and semi-finals (17.30), mixed final (up to 16).
  • Sunday: Singles and Twice (13 years).

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