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"Ma fr Ma": Shakespeare's theater plays the West

"Ma fr Ma": Shakespeare's theater plays the West

HAAG. Dolezal was involved with another cabaret artist Angelika Niedetzky.

Ten actors take part in the Hague version of "Ma fr Ma". Florian Carove, Charlotte Krenz, Angelika Niedetzky and artistic director Christian Dolezal (shown above) will surely be there. Picture: Pertramer

If you look at nearly 20 years of summer flight history in The Hague, you will notice: Shakespeare has always been involved in the program if the previous year did not go according to your wishes – economic, artistic or both. The pieces of the British Gromeister then proved to be a reliable rescuer.

The first football director of the Hague Festival, Serge Falck, began "Klamauk Shakespeare's Complete Works" after landing with "The Fine Day of Figaro". Gregor Blob attributes the deficit that "The Naked Madness" caused "Dream Dream of the Night". Christian Dolezal, current art director, played safe after the experiment with "Don Quixote" and landed with great success "What do you want".

Pshil re-directs

This time everything is different. Shakespeare immediately follows Shakespeare. After what you want, the audience will see "Ma fr Ma" next summer. "The reason was that director Aleksandar Psil turns more to Shakespeare than to other parts," says director Gerhard Stubauer. It was certainly the work of other authors for discussion.

The fact that Psychill once again stages Shakespeare's promise of continuity. So far, the theater summer has always stood for diversity in selection, and then for risk – which has paid off several times, for example, "Jgersttter".

The ensemble for 2019 also features faces that this year saw in the theater summer stage. In addition to Dolezal, who once again actively appears on the scene, Charlotte Krenz and Florian Carove agreed. As an eminent cabaret artist, Angelika Niedetzky came to mind. It was also part of the Amstetten music festival.

Psychill wants to make "Ma for Ma" as "some kind of west", as he himself says. The story is about the mayor who became obsessed with the rule and announces that he is going on a journey and entrusts his rule. The road is just a fake. Accordingly, the city chief testifies that his intimidation agent is leading a fierce battle against the red light mood. After a raid in a brothel, one of the convicted thieves was even sentenced to death. But then his wife steps into action …

The premiere of the movie "Ma fr Ma" will be held on 3 July 2019. All information on The Summer Hague Theater can be found at Tickets can be ordered by calling (07434) 44600. By December 31, 10% discount on full tickets.

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