Thursday , February 25 2021

Microsoft replaced Apple as the most valuable American company

Frankfurt / San Francisco / Redmond – Apple, on Wednesday, only four months after reaching the market value of one billion dollars, crowned Microsoft's most valuable American stock market group. With a market capitalization of about $ 848 billion (749 billion euros), the software group was about $ 3 billion ahead of the iPhone maker.

Trump as a reason for dropping from Apple

Her actions have fallen since the beginning of the month. About 20 percent lost Apple's shares, while Microsoft did not lose even half the percentage. At the moment, Donald Trump's statements have started selling. The US president said in a news interview that Apple could be hit by additional tariffs against China.

Many investors have been making cash in technology for several weeks now. The sales trigger was not only the US tariff quarrel with China, but Apple Cook's warnings, after which sales in an important Christmas quarter could be below market expectations.

In 2010, Microsoft had to hand over the crown to the most valuable US stockbroker company to the smartphone. At that time, the Windows operating system suffered under reduced computer demand. In the meantime, Microsoft is also an important player in cloud computing behind Amazon. (APA / Reuters)

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