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The post is allowed to take DHL "DiePresse.com

Austrian Post is allowed to take over the business of delivering a Deutsche Post subsidiary in Austria – but with the terms, the Federal Competition Authority (BWB) announced on its website on Wednesday morning. The obligations for Post AG include the provision of infrastructure for consideration by competitors. The basis is a sample of the BWB contract.

Moreover, the excerpt in the contract of two suppliers is deleted, after which the minimum quantity of packages must be delivered. "This ensured that the minimum quantities of parcels envisaged by the contract were not effectively withdrawn from the competition for services in Austria," the Management Board said. In addition, the Swiss Post must appoint an independent commissioner to check compliance with these obligations.

The Post announced on March 12 the purchase of three distribution centers, ten depots and the majority of employees. Together with Germans, Post AG now has a market share of just over 70 percent. Concerns about the competition opposed the CEO, George Pölzl, that in the autumn of last year, the entry into the market of the American group Amazon created a completely new momentum in the market.

The price is unknown

How much Austrians could cost DHL infrastructure, said Pölzl. In any case, DHL employees would be integrated in the post office and hired. The package delivery agent receives about 2,000 euros gross monthly.

The parent company of DHL is Deutsche Post, which is listed on the stock exchange as Österreichische Post. The Germans made a turnover of 61 billion euros last year, and the Austrian post office brought 2 billion euros. Deutsche Post delivered around 28 million packages in the previous year in Austria. According to DHL, the takeover of the business package "does not have any effect on Deutsche Post DHL Group's activities in international express business, goods transportation and supply chain solutions in Austria".

Success with "crypto brand"

In the previous year, Post AG had the best result in its history and achieved wage growth for the ninth year in a row. The operating result (EBIT) increased 1.5 percent to 210.9 million euros, while sales increased 1 percent to 1.96 billion euros. Positive developments in plots continued (an increase of 11.5%), while the business continued to decline by mail (2.5%). The workforce remained stable at 20,545 permanent employees.

Post has achieved a special hit with its latest brand, as it has been announced by "futurezone". "Crypto seal" is on the one hand an ordinary seal, which can be stored and activated on the World Wide Web in the "wallet". Individual variants of the "crypto seal" would now be traded online up to 10,000 euros – with an emission price of 6.90 euros.

Helmut Kogler, president of the Association of Austrian Philatelic Associations (VÖPH), is skeptical of being still present. "In no case would I pay, not four-digit or three-digit contributions (…) Unfortunately, there are several black sheep in our area who are trying to earn money quickly, but this will decrease again," he said. he is in "futurezone".


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