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Paris. There is fear in every sport. Types or clubs that are hard to beat or can not win. In the case of Tomas Tucel, 45, this is his compatriot Jürgen Klopp, 51.

From the past thirteen duels of former Mainz and Dortmund coach Tuchel, he won one, who was unforgettable in 2010: a 3: 4 error in BVB in Liverpool in the Europa League in April 2016. That Clopp was now an opponent in the Game that could not lose Paris gave the Champions League a hit in the special season Parc des Princes.

After 2: 3 on Anfield and two drawings against Napoli (3-1 against Belgrade), Paris was under pressure. He even emerged from the threat. Thus, Tuchel offered what PSG offers: Buffon, Silva, Marquinhos, Neymar, Cavani, Mbappé. The attacks took place at full speed, Liverpool was annoyed and overwhelmed. Silva (7th) failed, but the second shot went well: Bernat (13th) scored 1: 0.

Neymar later rose to 2: 0 (36), Liverpool was nothing. Salah, Firmino, Mané, Millner are out. But "Reds" happily returned to the game: the former Salzburg flu, now earning 200,000 pounds a week, Di Maria collapsed in the fencers. Millner turned into 1: 2 (45th).

The fact that Klopp and Tuchel maintain similar ways of playing, let them press high against the ball, is exceptional in the extent that they should be neutralized. But it was an exciting football game. Marquinhos's lateral goal (46) shook every waking one after a start-up. Liverpool found spaces to the left (Mané), but there were no more goals – and this saves the group tension.

Liverpool now have to win 2: 0 (the first game 0: 1) against Napoli on the last day of the game against Napoli in order to become even bigger. If not, last year's finalist after only three guests of defeat remains only a descent to the European League. PSG is in progress, the possibility of promotion is real in Belgrade. The club, in which Qatar Sports Investments has already pumped 1.15 billion euros, should win the Premier League. He could do it. He won the opponent. (Fin)

Champions league

Group A: Atletico Madrid – Monaco 2: 0, Dortmund – Club Bruges 0.0.

Group B: PSV – Barcelona 1: 2, Tottenham – Inter Milan 1: 0 (first lap 1: 2).

Group C: Napoli – Red Star 3: 1, Paris Saint-Germain – Liverpool 2-1.

Group D: Lok – Galatasaray 2: 0, Porto – Schalke (younger than 62) 3: 1.

In the second round: Real, Roma, Bayern, Ajax, Man-City, Juventus, Man-United, Barcelona, ​​Atletico, Porto, Schalke, Dortmund, Tottenham.

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