Thursday , June 24 2021

I'll be in the field until the election result: Hero Alam

In the constituency Bogra-4 (Kahalu-Nandigram), candidates for the nomination were submitted as an independent candidate. Returning assistant Nandigrama and UNO Sharmin Akhter submitted appointment papers on Wednesday afternoon. At that time, the heroes of Alo Alam were greeted. Earlier, Alam failed to get a nomination from Jatiya's party to run from the election.

After submitting a nomination proposal, Alo said, I wanted to nominate Party Jatiya. Nevertheless, the hopes of nomination have not been completed. If for any reason you do not get a nomination, you will not leave the electoral field. The final candidate will be the last candidate. Hero Alam talks if he talks. When I announced the selection, I will be in the field until the results are published.

Candidates Kahal and Nandigram went on to lodge their candidacies yesterday. In the last elections, the Awami League left the party Jatiya, the allied party of the alliance. However, candidates for the JSD were selected by the election contest.

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