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Neymar-Bernaat lose Liverpool to PSG –

Wednesday in Paris & # 39; C & # 39;
Thomas Tuckel's team won 2-1 in the group. After PSG's promotion by Juan Bernat
Neymar doubled the gap. Just before the break, James Milner reduced the void.

In Liverpool in September
PSG started losing 3-2 goals

From the start of the match Liverpool
The incredible PSG could move forward in the seventh minute. But about 25 yards away
From Anheel's Mario's strong goal, goalkeeper Alison scored a goal.

They are waiting for the goal
However, not long. Thirteen minutes in the D-Box, a bit in the inside
The right foot kick pulled the net out by finding the net. Napoli 1-1 in the last round
The Spanish defender scored the only goal in a draw in the draw.

It's moving forward
PSG, which was held in the 37th minute, was seen in the second round. To the left, in the D-Box, it's great
Maximize the ball in Ambapay. Alison is on the verge of Eddie Cavani; But tell me
Neymar's legs are gone. The Brazilian made a fourth goal in the open.

Time added in the first half
In the first minute, James Miller's successful place returned to Kieron Liverpool. Sadda Manke in the D-Box
Argentine midfielder Maria Faulle gets a penalty when the guest gets it

PSG match after a break
Liverpool reduced speed and increased the chance of attack. Ali Mohamed Salah-Roberto Ferminino
I can not make such an opportunity.

It's already great in the 69th minute
The hosts get a chance. Many Jimmynos jumped to the corner as he flew into the corner
Keep head Alison Neymar free kick in the second minute of the season
The Brazilian kept the goalkeeper in the match. But in the end, equality
They did not come back again.

Two wins in five games
PSG is in second place with 8 points in draw.

In the second match of group "C"
Serbian club "Red Star" surpassed Belgium with 3-1 goals, with 9 points on the table
Napoli kept Liverpool in third place with 6 points.

Belgrade has 4 points
Noodles are over.

In the Group A match, Monaco took 2-0 in five matches
Atlético Madrid took 12 points in the phase of the nails. The club flourishes with the blouse
Barça Dortmund draws draw from second place to second place
Sixteen Monaco points to gambling 5, the point of bridges 1.

Group B in group B in PSV Eindhoven, won 2-1 in Barcelona, ​​with four wins in five games and a draw with 13 points.

In the second match of this group, Christian Ericson's breakthrough came second with Tottenham Hotspur, who lost 1-0 in Inter 1-0. Lack of face to face with equal points
Third place is Inter Milan. Eindhoven, with 1 point line

German club in group D & # 39;
Portugal Porto Porto won 13 points in a 3-1 victory over the box.
Shalake is in second place with 5 points less.

Turkey match in the second match
Galatassar was defeated by Russian Lonomodiv Moscow with 2-0. But two clubs are nails
Hope for the episode is over.

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