Tuesday , June 15 2021

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The second Test will be held on the field at night. Players of Bangladesh are in favor of furfuru. Conquering the series against Vindhi Previously, in practice, they waved their last practice. Desperate Tigers won the second test between Bangladesh and West Indies tomorrow at the Mirpur Sher-e-Bangla stadium.

Everything was fine The Chitagong Test ended two days ago The players moved to Dhaka in the east. Since then, we are preparing. But yesterday they found bad news. Mushfiqur Rahim injured his finger while he was training in the Motpur Indore network in the morning. Before the second test, fans were scared for news. Since then, their favorite cricket has begun to inquire. Can you play on another test?

The news of relief is that there is no reason to worry about the Mushfiqar injuries. There is no x-ray X-ray image. This means that Mushfiqur Rahim plays the second test in the series. The batter did not practice after he injured yesterday. The chief doctor of the BCD Debashish Chowdhury said: "There was no conflict. But one day he is waiting. Tomorrow (today) can be understood and there is nothing else."

Like every day, Mushfiq came to the Mirpur Sher-e-Bangla stadium yesterday. I'm going to Indore to practice. He hit his right hand. Although injuries are not known as serious. Mominul told a news conference that Mushfiq will play in the second test. He said, "As far as I know, Mushfiq's brother will play when the finger is steaming!"

Mushfiq played a cricket test in the Zimbabwe series He scored a personal 211 * in Dhaka. However, his pistol did not smile at the first Test against India. The experienced goalkeeper scored 4 and 19. Mushfiq will try to play big injections in the second Test in Mirpur.

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