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The winners of the World Cup and the second-placed teams get millions

The cricket world was played on May 30 in England and Wales. The day before, the famous The Mall in the country is a spectacular opening ceremony. Twenty-one years old as the last match of a year and a half of the cricket tournament,

Bangladesh will play for the Lord in the Lord at Lord 3 afternoon. The ICC gave the award for two teams in the final. He has more money than ever.

The World Cup winning team will receive $ 4 million. The Bangladeshi currency that is around Tk 34 crore Second-ranked team will receive half. That means $ 2 million or 17 million.

The International Cricket Council has announced a total of $ 10 million of awards for this year's edition. The amount of Bangladeshi money is about 85 kronor. A large amount of money is allocated for the cash prize.

Apart from the two finalists, the other parties get a lot of money. Two teams, excluded from the semifinals, make $ 8 million or $ 6 million. Six teams that came out of the first round of the World Cup earned $ 100 million. What is 85 lakhs of money.

The cash prize was also available for the winning team in the league game. The winning team gets $ 40,000 in every first round match. 34 lakh in the amount of money

England and South Africa hosted an inaugural encounter at Kenyanton Oval. The 46th edition of this 48-day world tournament ends on July 14 in Mecca, cricket.

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