Sunday , February 28 2021

YouTube officially greeted with video annotations

Google has recently released – or has quietly updated the YouTube Help page a few years ago – that all existing remarks made before editorial editions will be discontinued from the video early next year.

As early as May 2017, Google interrupted editorial objections over creators who placed unreasonable amounts of remarks on video upload. These colored blocks caused the viewing to become obstructed and, frankly, gloomily – the videos looked unorganized, and pop-ups interfered.

However, these remarks were a convenient way for video creators to advertise their other content or favorite products or anything else they wanted to share with

To respond to these needs in a less burdensome way, Google introduced cards and completed screens in 2016, both of which are still used today. Cards are purely designed pop-ups that appear in the top corner at certain points in the video. Touching this can open the menu of additional links, videos, surveys and more all in an organized way.

Alternatively, the end screens are a fairly clear interface: users can choose to display the screen at the end of their video that can basically show everything they want to highlight – channels, products, even more connections.

Both companies work on the mobile platform, unlike remarks, and generate seven times more clicks across the platform. The notes, on the other hand, were more often closed than they were thrown out, so when everyone is removed from January 15 next year, it is unlikely that someone will be interrupted.

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