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According to Mourão, BR Distribuidora can be privatized

RIO AND SIO PAULO – Vice President Hamilton Moroo said in a teleconference with investors in New York that BR Distribuidora could be one of the privately owned public companies under Jair Bolsonaro. Mourão was unable to answer the question about possible public sales, but was quite clear about a company controlled by Petrobras: "About BR Distribuidora, Mr. Bensonaro thinks it can be privatized".

In Brazil, there are about 150 state-owned companies – there are 149 Union-controlled companies in the country, saying that it can sell about 140. Mourão highly appreciated the agreement between Embraer and Boeing, who has acknowledged that he has a good place in Brazil's aviation market and has no definite information regarding the future of the Federal Reserve Bank. "We are still working," he said.

Government and Congress

Investors have repeatedly questioned Moro about the relationship between the Congress and the new government. According to the vice-president, this goal is "republican relations".

"There are no priorities, programs or ideas for the rhetoric," he said, adding that the negotiations started in February and the new House and Senate heads are elected. "We will solve this problem in a new way, it will be a new kind of government, and I can convince you all," he said. Knows the congress, he knows how to work, and our relationships are kind, but very responsible. A new kind of government in Brazil, "he said.

Social Security Reform

Moro recalled that the election in October made important changes in the Congress, in particular the House of Deputies, and despite these attempts, it was daunting to endorse some of the agenda of the government's future interests this year. According to him, within the first 100 days, the new government should have three priorities: social security reform, tax reform and public security.

"Fiscal correction is a priority for us and one of the main goals of the pension reform is the main priorities," the general said, "by the end of June we can reach," Previdência.

As for the tax reform, it was imposed on 37% of GDP, which was considered "a very serious burden for all people in Brazil", and then defined three main principles of public security: reduction of criminal age, penitentiary system and investment in the industry.

"We are working in the penal system and law, because today our laws are very light, they are imprisoned for 20 years at the age of 5 to 6 years; that is not good, we do not have juvenile offenders and we will not be arrested and we must change the main crimes committed by her. This is the direction we are working on, "said Sergio Moro, Judge of the Ministry of Justice and referring to the version chosen by the government to ensure public safety," the future of the government in Brazil.

"Kindness, Merit, and Merit"

Regarding vacancies in ministries and state, she once again reaffirmed the meritocracy's gown, and noted that there was no political influence on the choice. "Today, many people who work with Petrobras and many of those who work with Ivan Monteiro may stay in this city. I would like to assure you that there is no political influence on the selection of CEOs. men or women who really know what people are doing. "Mercy, merit, and labor," he said.

According to him, by the end of this month, the main names are expected to be selected. "Boldonaro thinks very carefully. It is important to be careful about choosing ministers and CEOs of different companies. And then, I think, all people will be elected by the end of November, "he said.


Mourão was replaced by BR Distribuidora, which closed on Tuesday (13), closed trading session at 5.49%, R $ 22.50. Nthe highest of the day, the paper rose 8.5%, up to R $ 23.15. The amount of financing is 189 mln. The dollar has risen to $ 42.4 million,

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