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Drivers want to ban Uber Juntos in Curitiba

Newly arrived in Curitiba, a new joint tourist category Ubera, Juntos, has sparked controversy. Although it brings significant relief to passenger pockets – the price is on average 35% higher than Uber X, the category most used today – drivers not only insist that the new option should not have a prosperous future as they have already created a petition to ban the service in the capital. The explanation is that sharing could make even more obvious security problems for those using the application.

You want to travel to Uber Juntos and doubt? Look at some of the strengths and weaknesses

"We Uber drivers do not want to receive calls from Uber Together because we feel more sensitive to our security and even other travelers. We demand that this modality be deactivated in the Curitiba and Metropolitan region [sic]"There is a text of the undersigned, available on the online platform since last week and a total of 315 signatures by the end of Wednesday morning (28).

Uber Juntos, who in practice uses the Uber X on a joint journey, started working in Curitiba on November 7th. Since Tuesday (27), almost 100% of registered offices in the capital have already been available – but many drivers are not approved. "Our rate falls in half, it does not go into a dynamic price, but what's more difficult for drivers, and also for passengers, is that you do not know who will go in the car," says Arnaldo Milki, a Uber driver in Curitiba.

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The appeal of Milki and several other drivers working in Curitiba and the Metropolitan Region concern one of the main characteristics of the service, which is sharing travel between people who are not familiar with. On each route, the driver can take care of two different passengers who follow in the same direction of the city, but each of the passengers can still accompany the companion, in accordance with the capacity of the vehicle in the discharge. "And one more thing is that people do not go to the same place, but in the region, so that the journey takes more time," Milki noted.

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Uber, however, denies that the company's new travel route has all these disorders. In a statement, the company said that Uber Juntos has the same security layers as other categories, including route exchanges, a tool for directing police applications, and recording all GPS travel. "Uber considers safety as a priority and we realize that technology can reduce risks and make it safer every time, regardless of the way chosen," says the company's note.

You want to travel to Uber Juntos and doubt? Here are a few reasons and negative reasons:


It's cheaper

According to the platform, Uber Juntos costs an average of 35% less than UberX, a modality that is even cheaper today. In a simulation of the report Wednesday (28) at 2 pm, the price of travel between the Santos Andrade squares in the Center and Japan, between Batel and Agua Verde, was $ 6.70 Uber Together; R $ 10.81 with UberX, and R $ 16.23 with Uber Select.

You can travel alone.

If you enter the race for Uber Together and no one else seeks a path that can be made by the same driver as yours, you will probably be traveling alone without the extra cost of the service.

Environment and traffic are grateful

More people in traffic to smaller cars mean, of course, less impact on the environment. Taking into account that the regime is available almost at all times, including maximum weather conditions, it can help reduce dense traffic during this time period.


It takes longer

In the end, this is definitely not the best option. You will not always be the first to go down, which means that the journey can go to another address. And the address, however close it is, is not necessarily on the same route to its final destination.

You have to walk more

The driver does not have the obligation to catch passengers in the exact place where they are, nor leave them in front of the final destination. The point of the meeting is always near the location and you will have to come to it (or out of it). The idea is to avoid that the driver, if already with other passengers, does not have to leave the majority of the route.


As in public transport buses, the car will be divided between people who probably do not know each other – that is, the essence of the service, it was considered to reduce costs, but also the greatest fear of the driver. For those who work with the app, this even increases the chances of an attack.

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