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Owner: Vivi Guedes will wear a wedding dress

Digital influencer is the most sought after Owner of the piece, T Vivi Guedes will rise to the altar dressed to cause it.

Brave on all occasions, character Paolla Oliveira will marry for a minimal dress, with beautiful legs on the screen.

When Gshow, the costume designer revealed the details of the model.

The dress is made of taffeta, completely straight, without any embroidery, glitter or application. Short in front, long back, with steering wheels, ballet, corset. Elbow smooth., explained Sabrina Moreira.

The actress also commented on the look.

"Vivi's sentimental confusion did not make her look less beautiful for a wedding. I wish she was as happy as the feeling that the buffoon house", discovered.

But she does not imagine that she will have a great nightmare.


Camille's Wedding (Lee Taylor) and Vivi Guedes (Paolla Oliveira) and Owner of the piece will end up with a scandal.

Romance between the pair, shaken by the influence of the influential with the Chicleta pistol (Sérgio Guizé), will end in the worst possible way: on the altar.

In the next few chapters, Camilo will catch lovers at the motel and, instead of canceling the wedding, he will go to church only to humiliate them beautifully.

He will show the video Vivi with his lover and will cursed in front of everyone.

"This woman is a slut, Vivi released me on the eve of the wedding.".

The sequence will be broadcast on July 15th.

After this scandal, Vivi will continue to face death under the aegis of the avenger Cosme (Osvaldo Mil). In that time, Maria da Paz ( TJuliana Paes) will risk the life of her daughter, Josiana (Agatha Moreira), in order to save her brunette.

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