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Pregnant, Meghan Markle gives up on a trip to Zambia with Prince Harry out of fear of the bush

Meghan Markle, 37, who announced last month that she was pregnant with her first child, gave up on her trip to Zambia along with her husband, Prince Harry, because of the risk of viruses. Duchess Sussex is expected to spend the next few days with Dora, who is visiting the United Kingdom.

"Meghan is exhausted and has understood seriously the concern about traveling to a country with a threat from the breeze, even though she is small," said a person from The Kensington Palace for The Sun. Harry will then travel to Zambia for a two-day trip.

The zygote virus, which is transmitted from mosquitoes Aedes aegypti, can cause damage to the fetus if the mother hits her during pregnancy. Among the problems attributed to this disease are fetal death, growth restriction, placental damage, and central nervous system damage.

Harry and Meghan announced their pregnancy five months after their marriage. According to Telegraph, the couple published the news to the Queen and the second kingdom on October 12, Children's Day, when everyone had already gathered to celebrate the marriage of Princess Eugenia with Jack Brooksbank.

As usual, Meghan waited for 12 weeks to publish. Last week, she showed her stomach belly during the performance of Royal Variety, a traditional charity gala event held annually by the Royal Family. The baby should be born on the English Spring in Brazil.

Harry and Meghan announced on Saturday (24) that they intend to move before the baby is born. It will leave Nottingham Cottage, which is part of the historic Kensington Palace and travels to Frogmore House, located within the Windsor Castle, about 30 km from London.

The announcement contradicts the expectations that the couple will move into the apartment next to Prince William and Kate Middleton. According to the Daily Mirror, the property went through a 1.4 million pound (£ 7 million) reform.

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