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The Congress teaches the French method of varicose veins treatment

Rio de Janeiro today holds the 15th Congress of French and Brazilian phlebology (Phleborio 2018). Varicose veins may be associated with problems such as lung embolism, infertility, and malignant neoplasms of men and women. Phlebology is a medicine that studies the anatomy and diseases of the veins.

Phleborio 2018 provides theoretical course on phlebological training for angiologists and vascular surgeons in Brazil, using ultrasonic dense foamed varicose veins with French technique. This method is for varicose veins of large calibers, such as inner and outer sapphire veins, perforation veins and insufficiently insignificant anatomical aircraft.

Pierre & Marie-Curie de Paris University, Ph.D., Congress President, Root surgeon and Brazilian angiologist Kennedy Gonchalvez Pacheco privacy policy this technique is used throughout the country, but doctors are no longer the only official school in the world, the French language.

Pacheco declared that she had been fluctuating from the English-Saxon School since 1944, as the French do not want to work, unlike the one she chose for surgery. "Instead of removing the veins, we go inside and inject it and destroy the vein," he said.

According to him, this method is called sclerotherapy. These varicose veins in the lower limb are one of the news in the field of non-anesthetic treatment without hospitalization, "he said.

Tests and ovaries

Another news story is the presence of varicose veins near the ovaries and testicles. The first published studies in the world show that cancerous tumors or prostate cancer, hyperplasia (organ expansion) or urinary tract have varicose veins near the test. "Studies have shown that in the treatment of varicose veins, the prostate gland will decrease, the hormones will be normalized, the nervous system will disappear, which will increase from five to eight times a night."

Kennedy Pacacheko showed that six patients with variccols (expanded wire extension) and a patient with oncological diseases found that five had negative effects on the cancer cell. The Congress seeks to show Brazil's medical units that varicose veins that cause changes in the leg or swelling of the legs, and that they can be a reperaser in the prostate, causing the anesthesia in the prostate. "This is a great deal," said the doctor.

Mixed media

As technology is new, French and Brazilian phlebologists are planning to change the existing model and introduce mixed techniques that use dense foam and metal spring. "Cement can be ironed with iron. We produce foam because the effect causes inflammation and then disappears [a varize]can be recoveries in the treatment process. In order to avoid re-opening, we have combined the metal, which causes the varicose veins to supplement and disappear.

This approach is to visit universities and medical units to promote research in the future. Kennedy Pacheco confirmed that varicose veins in male breeds could lead to infertility. The royal varicose veins that are discussed now, ie the appearance of women in the ovary can lead to infertility. During the congress several reports on the literature of patients with varicose veins treated and pregnant are presented.

Cancer pain

As the chairman of the event noted, infertility increases the risk of malignant neoplasms of men and women. As Pacheco experiments showed, in patients with endometriosis (normal growth of the tissue outside the rib cage), the level of infertility is very high, and the rate of malignant tumor.

She believes that she needs researches related to varicose vein varicose veins due to changes she can make in women. The great novelty of this congress is that the varicose veins at vitamins and adults change the shape and function of men's and women's watches. "

The event is dedicated to the 15th day of multisided meetings of gynecology, endocrinology, urology and angiology. In the 16th and 17th years French and Brazilian theoretical courses on phlebology are for angiological and vascular surgeons.

Kennedy Pacheco announced that she would take a six-day practical course to train specialists who are involved in the theoretical courses and who will be able to do the French methodology for their doctors in their office. For practicing physicians who want to expand their education, they will be offered a practical experience in Brazil and France.

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