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The family lawyer says that Daniel was "causing a tragedy" – Jornal CORREIO

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Lawyer Cláudio Dalledone Junior, in charge of Edison's Defense, Cristiana and Allan Brittes, spoke at a press conference Wednesday on a petition from the Paraná Prosecutor's Office (MP-PR) against three,. Edison acknowledged that he had killed Daniel and claimed that he had acted because he caught the athletes trying to rape his wife, a version that the police and the MP did not accept. The lawyer said the appeal against Cristian was "absurd." "Cristiana can not be punished for the way she dresses."

The defense counsel said Daniel was "the crime and rape that caused this tragedy," confirming the version he tried to abuse Cristiana. The lawyer challenged the complaint, claiming that the party in the house had disappeared from control and ended up with a climax in the crime.

Daniel Freitas was killed on October 27 in Sao Jose dos Pinhais, in the Metropolitan region of Curitiba. The crime, according to research, came after a party celebrating 18-year-old Allain's birthday. The body was later found on a rural road, and the penis was interrupted.

"He (the prosecutor) unsuccessfully wanted to advocate the idea that it was a party that had no control. It was a party with young people who came out of the nightclub with their father and mother, normal," said the lawyer, stating that there was no "lack of control".

Dalledone says it's the best piece of defense in the appeal itself. "When the prosecutor claims that there was justice, it is the same as saying that on the other hand was an unjust act," he said. He also said that Cristiana was a victim of sexual harassment and that the lawsuit was for murder against her "It seemed to me that the prosecutor translated the work he did not write because of lack of will and conviction in what he held." He said Cristiana would have an ultimate mastery of the facts The fact that Cristiana was declared murdered. She fell asleep, she was drunk and vulnerable, and the woman can not be punished for the way she is trained and behaving. "

For Dalledon, the prosecutor filed an indictment for murder in order to apprehend a Christian. "The irregularity that threatens the technical order, the prosecutor tries to arrest her, even if she does not believe she participated in the murder, nothing can help you keep this charge of murder, which is the greatest technical absurdity," he criticized. "The insinuation Cristiana gave her way of dressing, the freedom of a man to commit a crime, is an obvious argument from the point of view of women's and women's rights that are struggling and beaten, poorly explored." The lawyer wants this week to seek freedom for her mother and daughter.

Daniel's family lawyer, Nilton Ribeiro, says the family version violates the memory of the player and his family. For him, the work of the police and deputies was impeccable and indisputable. The prosecutor refused to comment on the lawyers' comments.

See what the Accused is charged with:

Edison Britte Junior – Triple murder, cover-up of corpses, procedural fraud and small corruption and coercion during the procedure;

Cristiana Brittes – the murder is qualified due to an incorrect reason, forcing during the proceedings, procedural fraud and minor corruption;

Allana Brittes – coercion during the process, procedural fraud and corruption of the adolescent;

Eduardo da Silva – Triple murder, concealment of the hull, procedural fraud and minor corruption;

Ygor King – Triple murder, concealment of the hull, procedural fraud and minor corruption;

David Willian da Silva – Triple murder, concealment of corpses, procedural fraud, minor corruption and defamatory denial;

Evelin Brisola Perusso – defamation, hijacking procedures, minor corruption and false testimony.

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