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The player creates some of the most difficult stages in history

Player PangeaPanga, known as one of the best in the history of Mario franchise, has created two incredibly difficult stages in Super Mario Maker 2, which can be among the most challenging of all time.

In both phases, there is practically no time for thinking or waiting – from the moment you began to walk, everything needs to be done with extreme agility and precision. Any button pressed at the wrong time can lead to death.

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In the next stage, the greatest attention has attracted me attention that you have to take care of skating on the side surfaces most of the time to get through every step. Watching ends as painful, because it's fascinating.

In this third instance of what video games should play in hell, Panga still apologizes for building a difficult phase than she wanted to build.

Super Mario Maker 2 is now available for the Nintendo Switch. For more information about the game, see the full overview of IGN Brasil, as well as the performance of our team in the phase that was created to free everyone.

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