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"They treated me with complete contempt"

Last Wednesday (November 18th), Brazilian midfielder Gustavo Scarpa won the Brazilian championship with Palmeiras. However, due to an actor with Fluminense, his former club, the player has lost much of the season. In a channel interview ESPN Brazil, Palmeirense returned to talk about leaving the club from Rio.

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For Scarpa, the way he left Tricolor das Laranjeiras was not ideal, but the player complained that he was treated by a team that discovered him.

"I did not even dream to go out like this, except that I had to think about my career, unfortunately Fluminense treated me with total contempt and tried to negotiate many times, and never opened my mouth for nothing, I never asked to go, I never complained nothing with all the delay, "said the charms.

The midfielder also talked about several proposals that Fluminense had refused before the legal dispute with the club. According to Scarpi, even negative, he never complained about the tricolor.

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"I signed a contract that said that the amount of the fine is such, comes from Palmeiras's proposal that was bigger than the survey I had, but Fluminense did not want it, because it was the only club in the country, did not want to strengthen the rival, I understand I did not complain to anyone, I did not ask to leave or anything else. But if you do not let me leave, but you do not pay me, I did not understand it, but that happened, "said the player who added:" He arrived at the end of the year , they started selling me at auction, and I did not even know. They started to offer me, asking borrowed players, offered Palmeiras, to pay salaries, but the guys wanted everything in their way, "he concluded.

After a lengthy debate in court, the parties issued an agreement last October, definitely releasing Gustavo Scarpa of any contractual relationship with Fluminense.

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