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A Chinese student shakes the scientific world with the first genome-coded baby

A Chinese student who claims to have made the first world genome-coded baby, declared at a conference that his actions were harmless and ethical and that they were happier with the end. Many other students are extremely skeptical, and the organizers of the forum dictated the action to him irresponsible.

"Especially for this case, but I feel the Lord", kaza prof. He is curious about his colleagues at the International Genocide Conference in Honkong, where he presented the experiment to change the DNA to two blizzards so that they could not get infected with the virus at SPIN.

According to the words, he still has the likelihood of retaining one more burden with a genetically modified embryo.

The only one he apologized for was the "out-of-the-box" newspaper, using the technology for genetically modified CRISPR to change the embryos and implanted it into the hat of a woman who gave birth to two twin boys this month.

The affirmation of its scientific achievement does not constitute an independent assertion, the Bi Bi Si notes, but nevertheless the news expose the scientific community. Many scholarly impugns He Czânkuj, some of them define the idea as a miracle. Students do their job to prevent similar mosque use of advanced technologies in order to change human DNA.

In many parts of the world such surveys are forbidden.

Join the conference in Honkong, a trained, middle-aged genetic specialist, to consider the behavior of He Czânkuj as unethical. They claim that there are serious questions that have not yet given their answer, for the safety of the embryonic "edited", which makes it necessary to conduct a similar investigation to be conducted in a transparent and controlled manner, in order to guarantee that it is not abused by technology.

Presentation of prof. In the end he can not help his colleagues.

Already after his presentation, the dude brought Nobel Peace Prize winner David Baltimore, the head of the organizing committee of the conference, who claimed that Dr. He was irresponsible, reported "New York Times."

"I do not think that this was a transient process, but we only understood it after the fact that children were born and after the children were born." "Personally, I do not think that it was a drug from the medical point of view," said Dr Baltimore .

Robin Lovel-Badge, a professor of genetics and embryology at the Franses Creek Institute in London, asked He Czânkuj why he needed such a large secretivity, especially after the scientific community's opinion that it still does not have to be received in such actions.

The accusation is here if you have violated the law. If the Chinese authorities were asked, they might be saying that you can not do this, the Lovel-Badge brigade.

The university of prof. He – Yuzhen University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen, declared that he is not familiar with the research project and will begin an investigation.

He affirmed that the university did not know and provided it had financed an experiment with its own funds.

It is said that the newborn twins that Lulu and Nana call "born normal and healthy", as well as planning to forward their development over the next 18 years.

He Czânkuj explains that eight couples consisting of HIV positive germs and HIV negative mothers have given written consent for voluntary participation in the experiment. The professor then chose one of the two.

It also says that it has handed over the scientific effort of a scientific journal to review and evaluate, but not to say what the issue is.

The technology for the genetically modified CRISPR, which He claims to have been used, is not new to the scientific world. It was first discovered in 2012. Works using "molecular pins" to change a very specific DNA strand – either to cut, or to replace, or to correct.

The genotype may potentially help to avoid inherited illness by displacing or changing the problem code in the embryo.

Experts, however, warn that interventions in the genome of embryos may be worth not only the relevant individuals, but also the future generations that will follow the same corrections.

One hundred Chinese learned publications in the social media signed a letter from them, in which they "categorically" oppose the actions of prof. He.

Prof. Julian Sevurlescu, an expert on ethics at the Oxford University, commented earlier on Bi Bi Si: "If it's true, this experiment is marvelous. The gene itself has been edited in an experimental way, and it all relates to removing the entire mutations capable of to induce genetic problems in the onset of life or more recently, including the development of cancer. "

"This experiment shows healthy children at risk from genetically modified without realistic need," he said.

Many parties, including the United Kingdom, have laws prohibiting genome embryo editing with assisted reproduction of the choir.

Students can do such research on disfigured embryos, fertilized invitories, but they should then destroy it and not use it for the creation of a baby.

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