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Fires have raged in several places in the country, announcing a partial emergency in Dupnica

Several fiery fronts rage in the country. The last hearth burned in Dupnica, near the Struma highway. The fire started from combustible materials in the company’s warehouse. This called for a suspension of highway traffic on the section from the Dupnitsa cross road to the Bobosevo intersection for about two hours. The municipality of Dupnica announced that a partial emergency had been announced.

Excavators and shovels turn the burned rolling waste, which is back on fire. According to RIEW-Pernik, there is no air pollution.

There are serious doubts about the condition of the three columns of the Struma Highway. This is the reason why the movement in the "Tower" direction does not recover until 10 pm. There is no danger to humans.

Workshop owner Kolyo Iliev says the fire broke out shortly after 4pm.

He said the arson was intentional. "There's no other way," he said.

For hours, firefighters tried to deal with the fire. Due to the thick black smoke and burning substances, RIEW crews arrived from Pernik to monitor the air pollution. It turned out that the landfill owner did not have a permit to store anything under the highway near Struma and decided to use the space on his head to arrange the baled waste that was burned today.

"It is a mistake that he was prepared for Bobov Dol TPP, but they did not accept it at the moment because of that. Every day we have a conversation with the director of TPP Bobov Dol, and they are clogged," Iliev said.

"The municipality of Dupnitsa has long issued some warning letters informing it that it is not appropriate to keep him here. The municipality is signaling the problem, and I think not only the Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water here and the RIA have had to take a stand on the subject, given where that matter is stored, "said Dupnica Mayor Metodi Chimev.

The RIA explained that the waste is located in the municipality and that it is the municipality's obligation to completely clean it.

Earlier in the day there was a forest fire near Dupnica. Firefighters were able to suppress it before it threatened nearby settlements.

The battle with fire continues in Haskovo. Within hours, the fire front could travel for miles. About 8,000 acres were burned. 4,000 of them are forests, mostly with deciduous trees. An army was also sent to assist firefighters. The blaze was thought to have been caused by a person on Monday. Firefighters hope the fire will be completely extinguished by Wednesday morning at the latest.

For the second day, a municipal landfill near Shishmantsi village in Plovdiv is burning. Police in Plovdiv are ready to restrict traffic on the Thrace highway. The level of air pollution in the area is measured every hour. For now, experts are confident that there is no danger to those around them. Firefighters suggest that they will completely extinguish the smoke by midnight.

The danger of fire remains serious in the coming hours. The situation is further complicated by high temperatures across the country. Wednesday's temperatures in Sandanski are also expected to be highest. Dangerous heat warning codes are available throughout western and central Bulgaria.

Samothrace fire: Thousands of tourists trapped in fire trap (VIDEO)

The heat and strong wind caused fires in many places in the Balkans and created problems for dozens of tourists. A fire is raging on the Greek island of Evia, near Athens. An evacuation was made there.

The fire also erupted on Thassos Island. Authorities say this was already in place.

But the most serious situation is Samothrace. Hundreds of tourists, including Bulgarians, were blocked there because of the ferry stops. There is also a fire at the site. Our consulate in Thessaloniki was determined that there was no danger to our countrymen. However, some vacations were forced to sleep wherever they found themselves. The Bulgarian consul in Thessaloniki told NOVA that local authorities provide free water and basic goods.

Forest fires burn on two Turkish islands in the Marmara Sea (VIDEO)

Forest fires are also fighting east of Samothrace, on two Turkish islands in the Marmara Sea. Helicopter crews were sent to assist the firefighters. Due to strong winds, the flames are rising fast.

A fire broke out on Marmara Island. And that's where the fire spreads fast. Several houses and farm buildings were burned.

According to the European Commission, the estimated area burned in the European Union this year is 355,000 hectares.

Air emissions from forest fires are estimated at one million tons per year.

In the last 10 years, 715 people have been killed in the fires and the area burned is 8.7 million hectares or approximately the size of Austria.

More about the fires in Bulgaria and the Balkans in the video.

Reporters: Ivelina Dragneva; Ivelina Nikolova; Anton Chavdarov; Dimitar Ivanov

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