Wednesday , June 16 2021

First in BLITZ! Esil Duran clings naked, began to squeeze his breasts and … (PHOTOS) – Blitz

Essil Duran gives fans a "Planet" concert by playing half-naked pictures. The singer posted footage in the social network of her juicy bust.

New TV in front of spectacular off-shore connected with Victor Angelov

That's not all. In addition to Duran, throwing her clothes, she slammed and chested her chest. However, the images are accompanied by moving and wise thoughts.

Cvetelina Grahič snowed in half in the snow, saved from a great tragedy

"If you are looking for a shelter for the soul, then you are soul, if you are looking for a piece of bread, you are a bread, if you are looking for a drop of water, you are the water, if you are on the trail of cruelty, you are a tyrant, if you love love, you are in love with the soul."

However, one can not deny that the performer looks more than astounding, and its forms would envy even the twenties.

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