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Ivanceva's megadeth is getting more and more complicated

Mirash "Ivanceva" is scared. Seven months after the arrest, the defense claims that the institutions coordinated the former mayor of Mladost Desislava Ivanceva and her deputy Biljana Petrov, announced NOVA.

The two were arrested in the center of Sofia, and then they were cuffed on the spectrum and on the outside. Women claim to be in isolation under inhuman conditions and lead to depression.

They denied the charges and doubted the attempt to manipulate public opinion.

"All necessary human conditions – hygiene, food 3 times a day, bathroom and toilet, the right to free medical and dental care and treatment," said Rossen Milotinov, head of the regional service "Execution of sentences".

According to him, there are no other complaints. And 107 are complaints, because Dessislava Ivanceva and Biljana Petrova left behind bars. They are charged with taking bribes in particularly large proportions and are in detention on April 17 after a five-day arrest at the central metropolis boulevard.

Milotinov denied the allegation that during each entry into prison or exile from custody, the accused were naked and beaten. He explains that the search is carried out by persons of the same sex with a metal detector, without prejudice to the personal dignity of detainees. Detainees disagree.

The defense claims that Ivancev and Petrova are subjected to extreme cruelty. Lawyers believe they are in a bad mental state. The special criminal court last week agreed with them and decided to release the former mayor of Mladost district in house detention. Later the decision was annulled by the Appellate Court.

"It is a mandatory requirement for the detainee to undergo a medical examination not less than once a week," said Margarita Doychinova, head of the "Aresti" in "Execution of the sentence" Sofia.

Milotinov says that every week a menu for detainees is prepared, which necessarily includes meat, fish and desserts. Food is immediately delivered from the prison cell in Sofia. A detainee is not provided for closed or moldy food.

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