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Sotir Cacarov blew a bomb in front of Slavs: He has already been accused of higher politics! – BLIC

The main procurator is not uncontrolled. For him there are every legend, as well as for the statute. The Statute of the Chief Procurator is controlled by Parliament. There is nothing to do with the procurator, which is not subject to any control. This has been filed in the studio of "Shouto na Slavi" defendant number 1 – the main procurator Sotir Cacarov.

"Any procurator can raise my accusation. I do not see this logically, precisely because of this reason, according to me it is good to be a mechanism that will lead to the creation of an independent working method for raising an objection to which it is a trim This is how it is that both men and my colleagues are in charge of the courts. At the moment there is such a mechanism, but there are no guarantees required in it, "he added.

"During my term of office, the accused ministers, deputy ministers and other figures from the political life. I do not think that the mandate should be measured as to how figures were charged and for which of them the defendant was held in custody", says Cacarov .

"He has accused the senior politician, there will be more and more allegations of higher politics", claimed it and supplied:"The main procurator is not the main war. "

Slavi Trifonov pode: "I am very emotional as you choose for the main procurator, the thought is that a man will come who will gobble."

"If you quote a person who could be disputed as a person, but a lawyer is brilliant." Nikola Filchev says that when corruption is a state policy, no justice can be prevented, "the defendant numbered 1 and added:" Yes the prosecutor's office can conduct annual surveys, accurate and clear operational data from the MVR and DANS should be provided, the prosecutor's office does not disclose the crime, and the conviction is the third element is the court. from men, and from all ", claimed it.

"The conditions in which Desislava Ivanceva resides in the prisons and are in the prison in Sliven do not differ from the conditions in which he lives every single person in Bulgaria. The investigation against" Ji Pi Grup "is in the initial phase and the investigation is not to be exhausted with these two Mr. Trifonov, we are not getting anywhere in the matter, "said Cacrov, and added:" I do not have the advantage of Ivancev's privilege in front of the others. "" The miners of the border with the excessive measure at Ivancev do not deserve such a conduct. " Cacarov claimed.

Slavi pqk is advocating for the former "Mladost" farmer, claiming that Ivanceva can not be held imprisoned in this way, as opposed to the defendants from "Ji Pi Group". Cacrov, however, cuts off that Ivanceva's case is treated as if all remained, to which such an objection would be raised.

BLIC commented that yesterday in the lecture guest of the premiere Boyko Borisov, and asked him various questions, sent to him from the lectures.


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