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Top reporter on Nova TV expects millionaire babies – ᐉ Favorite • lifestyle news on lifestyle, diet, healthy and fashion

Zayneb Madzhurova, a reporter on "On Coffee", is expecting a kid from longtime friend Stoyan Balevski.

The Turkish-born bourgeoisie is pregnant in the fifth month, and at the start of the winter, the millionaire heir with his daughter is giving birth to the couple's friends.

For a long time, Zizu, even as the loved ones called it, did not appear on Nova TV. She often shared with her friends on the social network when she was very busy with personal engagements, but the reason for her absence was clear. The blonde is carrying a baby in her womb and has taken a long vacation, but still doesn't think of returning to the "Coffee" show.

In all likelihood, Madzhurova started on the island of Phuket. She and her friends were there at the end of March, and then the Gala reporter came out of the floodlights. The baby is expected to appear on the white world at the beginning of December, and for the sake of future parents are still not thought to be releasing a belated one.

They also planned a wedding – a modest party in a tight family circle, as Madzhurova's pregnancy progressed and she did not want to show up with a big belly in the public space. The blonde was still trying to hide the fact that she was waiting for a child and shared the happy news with only her closest relatives.

The 34-year-old beauty appeared in the first season of Big Brader. The term was defined as the beginning of December, and the baby's future parents found out soon after an echographic examination.


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