Tuesday , June 15 2021

Weather forecast with ice forecast for the first big cold by the end of the week! (TABLE) – BLISTER

Snow is currently decreasing in most of northern Bulgaria, high fields of the West and mountains, and rain in some eastern regions and in the lowlands of southern Bulgaria.

Today, during the day, the Arctic air mass continues to float and the rain will move in almost the entire country, but afternoon from the northwestern precipitation it will gradually weaken and later stop in the northwestern half of the country afternoon and afternoon.

Temperatures in the afternoon days ranged from minus 1 to minus 5 degrees in northern Bulgaria and to 6-7 degrees in extreme southwestern regions.

During the night, snow will rain in the southern regions, where the precipitation will pass tomorrow before noon.

Tomorrow, the country will jump in almost all of its territory. During the day, the cloud will be significant, with ruins in the northwestern half. Poor snow will be in the mountains and extreme southeastern regions.

Daily temperatures in most countries will be negative from minus 4 to plus 2 degrees.

In the morning, it will be very cold on Friday and Saturday, when it will reach temperatures below and below minus 15 degrees in places of minimum temperature. Cold weather will stay throughout the day, with negative daytime temperatures.

The gradual warming, originally in the mountains and southern regions, will begin at the end of the week, but in the Danube plain it will remain below and below minus 10 degrees and below zero until Monday, Tuesday next week.

How much time and time can you see in the BLIT section, in which we inform you in real time about the weather conditions in the country.

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