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8000 inhabitants and are counted on the Vancouver Broadway Plan

More than 8,000 residents in Vancouver have so far provided feedback to planners about the 30-year plan for the Broadway area between Clark Drive and Vine Street.

The city has launched a new round of consultations this weekend – part of a two-year consultation plan that began in March – the construction of a new subway line along Broadway is expected next year.

Kevin McNaney, director of the Broadway Plan project, says the subway has the ability to connect four districts: False Creek Flats, Mount Pleasant, Fairview and South Granville, and Kitsilano.

"The purpose of this plan is to guide the future use of land in the area, looking at such things as affordable housing units, rental apartments, work space, public facilities, and, indeed, the design of Broadway itself," he said.


The Broadway subway project is a direct extension of the existing Milenijum line, continuing from the VCC-Clark station on an elevated guide for 800 meters, then traveling five miles under Broadway.

The project includes six new stations and ends at Arbutus Street. The future investment phase will link fast transit to UBC's Point Gray campus.

When the subway is opened sometime in 2025, it is expected to carry an equivalent of 24 lanes of street traffic.

Map of the planned extension of the Millenium line to Arbutus Street. (TransLink)

Broadway Corridor is home to about 80,000 residents and the busiest bus line across the country, so it is expected that the transition to the subway line will dramatically change the area.

With this change, Broadway's plan hopes to significantly increase the number of housing and jobs in the area.

Planners will use feedback from the public to create a long-term plan for an area moving from east to west from Clark to Vine Street and north-south from the first avenue to the 16th avenue.

It is expected that a new subway line below Broadway in Vancouver will dramatically change the area, which is currently home to the busiest bus line in the country. (Jon Hernandez / CBC)

Mark Stokes lived there for almost 30 years and was in favor of a quick transit, but he was worried about what else could come with him.

"Their scope," he said on Saturday. "We see that there is a higher increase, and we do not think it is necessary."

Others in the open house on Saturday worried that the character of the area would change with all future developments.

"Space demand"

McNaney says people are worried about the fact that tenants from the existing housing stock are displaced and what happens to the established businesses while others appear.

"There is a huge demand for space," he said. "The key issue is how we will use this new transport link to ensure that communities remain separate, maintain the means they want, [adding] more housing and work space, especially apartments for rent. "

In July there will be several more open houses. Staff are expected to hand over to the Council the final Broadway plan by the end of 2020.

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