Tuesday , August 3 2021

Astronomers find six super-stars in the super-earth

Barnard's star can be a red dwarf star located just six light years from Earth.

Researchers Red Dots discovered the planet – the mass of the Earth about 3.2 times and very cold star stars, Smithsonian reports. Their results were announced Nature on Wednesday.

"We are convinced that we have an object," says Ignasi Ribas, a leading researcher. "We have to be careful all the time … but we are confident that we are ready to go out". Planet, Barnard & Starb is the second near Earth ecliplante (outside our solar system). , per USA today.

Researchers have reviewed two decades of data obtained from seven different telescopes to raise the planet. Forbes. With regard to life in the star of Bernard C, the planet is "very cold" for storing liquid water, says Ribas, and under the oceans it is just a speculation.

During the study, Smithsonian The researchers found unknown evidence of another planet, Barnard & # 39; s Star c. A few decades ago, scientists thought that they had discovered planets around the stars. However, they were the result of instrumental problems when they were finished.

(Last year, scientists found the smallest star.)

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