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Chiefs-Rams Games from Mexico

Los Angeles Rams broadcaster Brandin Cooks is in the second half of the second day in Los Angeles on Sunday, November 11, 2018, against Seattle Sehah in a NFL football match.

LOS ANGELES – NFL on Monday, Monday night, Rams moved from Kansas to Los Angeles because of the poor condition at the Azteca stadium.

Six days before the regular season games of the League, he made an extraordinary decision.

The League has revealed that the latest updated site in Mexico City's historic stadium "does not meet the NFL standards for playability and consensus, and does not comply with these standards the following Monday."

Rams (9-1) conducts officials (9-1) in the Colosseum. The expected game is the fifth meeting between teams that have suffered one or fewer losses since the 1970s or the 11th week.

This decision is a logistical concern for teams and fans traveling to Mexico, and excludes thousands of fans who want to see a marquee match in the most populous city in North America. However, the league was able to consult with the players community and local officials before consulting, and could not hurt the players' health.

"The combination of a multi-story calendar and a large number of stadiums in the stadium seriously hurt the pitch, which shows unwanted players' security and is unsuitable for NFL," said Mark Walter, international executive vice president of NFL. "As a result, we have decided that the game's movement is the right solution, and we have to publish it now so that our teams and fans can make an alternative order."

The Aztec officials changed the playground from natural grass to hybrid in May, but the spruce was not a miracle for several months. In recent days, the aerial photography of the stadium has seriously damaged the grass, especially in the final concert with concern about the site used at the end of the stadium.

Cruz Azul, Club The American football stadium Liga MX last Saturday played a tough game in the field of field conditions. The trainer Pedro Caixinha expressed concern and NFL continued working with the landlord to improve the site.

Rams must keep the Coliseum as a backup if there are problems with international games. Starting Wednesday, she announced plans for tickets sales. Owners of the season ticket have the opportunity to buy their seats and get up to four more.

Rams also provides places for people affected by the tragic events in southern California and thousands of people. Over the past week, firefighting at the Millennium Rams Training Facility has destroyed several areas and killed at least 12 people during a massive shooting night on Wednesday night.

For the first time in 2005, Azteca held its regular seasonal debate in Arizona, Arizona, in San Francisco. The stadium hosted several NFL exhibitions and Oakland Raiders, Houston Texas and New York Patriots held regular seasonal games over the last two seasons.

In England, Rams played in the past two seasons. Rams and bosses will play for Mexico for the first time in the next week.

Rams made a trip to Colorado Springs on Monday to prepare for Mexico's Mexico City training. The team is currently on vacation in Colorado Springs before going home.

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