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Ottawa senators wanted the city to pay NHL arena to LeBreton apartments earlier in the reconstruction process, the mayor says

The Ottawa-based Senate company wanted the city of Ottawa to build a hockey club as part of the reconstruction of LeBreton Flats at the start of the negotiation process for a historic project, Mayor Jim Watson said Wednesday.

Watson said that Eugene Melnyk wanted the City of Ottawa to pay a new arena to LeBreton Flats after RendezVous LeBreton Group, the senator's partnership and Trinity Developments, was named the most desirable promoter for reclaiming the National Capital Commission.

"Their initial interviews with our staff wanted the city to build the arena and said that we are not in the construction of the arena," Watson said after a meeting in the city council.

"Fair to them, they brought a whole list of ideas and I made it very clear, very clearly called Evgenu, and I reminded him that he said in an interview with CBCG, and I have a transcript of it, where he very clearly said that there is no government support, and I said, Eugene, I'm with you 100 percent. I do not support the use of tax dollars to subsidize the arena. "

Senators are asked to comment.

There are legal fees for the municipality when it comes to the public domain, such as streets and sidewalks, but not an arena for the NHL, Watson said.

Artistâ € ™ s rendering 18,000 arena seats that would be a new home for the Ottawa senators, and the showpiece of the RendezVous LeBreton development.

RendezVous Group

Watson first addressed the consequences of the $ 700 million Melnick lawsuit, in which the founder of Trinity John Randy and Project Management Consultant Graham Bird is named as the accused. Melnyk, Capital Sports Management Inc. (CSMI), alleges that the Accused used LeBreton Flats Development to support the future 65-storey complex at 900 degrees Albert St. via LeBreton Flats.

Ruddy and Bird denied allegations that were not tested in court.

Watson was not pronounced as the defendant in the lawsuit, but the statement on the lawsuit included the part referring to the mayor of the mayor Serge Arpina, told CSMI he withdrew from the reconstruction of LeBreton Flats during the municipal election campaign "between Votson and Melnik.

Watson refused to comment on the allegations. He said he saw himself as an intermediary who helped make the LeBreton project.


A 41-page lawsuit was filed on Friday after the NCC committee gave Rendezvous on Thursday the next board meeting in January to resolve the internal overflow. Melnik and Ruddy are the main partners in RendezVous.

"Obviously, you do not prepare a document of such nature overnight, so they obviously think about what their actions will be, and I, like many citizens, were disappointed," Watson said. "I think there was a lot of enthusiastic support for revitalization. Arena, housing, retail, LRT stops, all at one location. My job is to continue working with the NCC, to work with the government of Canada and the private sector, so that we can ensure that we do not lose this once in a generational opportunity to revitalize this important part of the country. "

Watson, who supports senators moving to the city center, said he believes he can work with Melnyka if the hockey club stays in the picture, although the mayor admitted that it is unlikely the NCC committee will continue with the current structure of RendezVous.

Watson is a member of the NSK without a vote.

Melnik's lawsuit suggests that the future saturation of the flats market around LeBreton Flats, especially with regard to the 900 Albert project, will damage the sustainability of the reconstruction.

John Ruddy, left and Eugene Melnyk.

The Council earlier this year approved the development application 900 Albert.

According to Watson, the real estate market has "more space for competition".

Watson said that the planning decisions taken by the panel will not be done, in some cases, for several years.

"What I hear over and over again right from the real estate agents I'm talking to, and I go to their meetings and so on, and have a pretty good sense of what's happening on the real estate market, there's a clear lack of assets to sell," Watson said. "It's a seller's market there. Prices are increasing because there's a very small inventory on the market."

Watson said that baby boomers are getting smaller and want to live in apartments or apartments in downtown.

Rendering for LeBreton Flats $ 3.5 billion development proposal from the RendezVous Group, called IllumiNation LeBreton.

RendezVous LeBreton

Rendering for LeBreton Flats $ 3.5 billion development proposal from the RendezVous Group, called IllumiNation LeBreton.

RendezVous LeBreton

Credits: group Rendezvous Lebreton

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